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IMPORTANT NEWS: Scroll down to view the approved transition plans for the Comprehensive, Supports, ABI, and ALF Waivers.


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Posted March 17, 2015 for public comment until April 3, 2015
We are pleased to announce that we are posting rules for the BHD waivers for an informal public comment period from March 17, 2015 to April 3, 2015.

We have developed a chapter of rules for the new Supports and Comprehensive Waivers (Chapter 46) and revised Chapter 44 and 45. Chapter 45 does not have a strike-through and underline version because it is too complicated to make sense of all the significant wording differences.  



Also, please note:

· Chapters 1 & 2 of the Developmental Disabilities Rules (on case management and emergency funding) are being repealed.

· Chapters 1, 2 & 3 of the old Adult DD rules are outdated and being repealed at the same time.

· Chapter 41, of Medicaid rules for the Adult DD waiver are being repealed.


We encourage you to read through the proposed rules and let us know if you have comments or suggestions. We will discuss these during the March Provider Support call on March 30th as well.

Please submit your comments to or call Jamie Kennedy (307-777-5660) to submit comments in an alternative format.

HCBS Setting Transition Plans for BHD Waivers

The Comprehensive, Supports, and ABI Transition Plans have been approved by CMS!

· New ALF HCBS Transition Plan PDF posted 4-8-2015

· New Wyoming Statewide Transition Plan PDF posted 4-1-2015

· New Supports Waiver Transition PlanPDF posted 4-1-2015

· New Comprehensive Waiver Transition PlanPDF posted 4-1-2015

· New ABI Waiver HCB Transition Plan submitted to CMS PDF posted 4-1-2015

· Revised Child DD Transition Plan Revised 2-12-2015 

· HCBS Setting Information for Advocates and Families - PDF posted 1-22-2015

· HCBS Setting Compliance Report SAMPLE - PDF posted 1-21-2015

· Public Comment Summary and state responsesPDF posted 11-21-14

· Summary of HCBS Setting Standards and Transition plan approach

· Children's Mental Health Waiver Compliance Summary (not a transition plan)

· Long Term Care Waiver Compliance Summary (reposted 10-14-14 - not a transition plan)



Submit Feedback on a Provider Setting

Complete the online survey:


Waiver Amendments Proposed

Documents were reposted on 9-24-14 in order to address an oversight regarding the conflict free case management model referred to in Appendix D (1)(b) and to remove the "relative" and "guardian" checkboxes from people who can provide the service.

Public comment period for these amendments ended on November 3, 2014.

SIS Pilot Project

         ·         SIS Pilot Project Posted 9-25-14 PDF

Variance Reporting Pilot Project

         ·         Variance Reporting Pilot Project Posted 8-29-14 PDF

Clinical Review Team (CRT)

   ·         Clinical Review Team (CRT) Membership and Experience Summary Posted 6-16-14

   ·         Link to Page for Clinical Review Team (CRT) Policy and Form

Conflict Free Case Management Model 

          ·     Conflict Free Case Management Model revised 5-12-2014

Understanding Your IBA for the Comprehensive Waiver


·         Explanation on IBA Methodology Posted 5-16-2014

·         Recorded Training "Understanding Your New IBA for the Comprehensive Waiver" Posted 4-3-14

·         Printable PowerPoint "Understanding Your New IBA for the Comprehensive Waiver" Posted 4-3-14

·         Talking Points "Understanding Your New IBA for the Comprehensive Waiver"  Posted 4-3-14

·         Sample IBA Participant Letter Posted 4-3-14


Response on Wait List Funding from 2014 Legislative Session

·         The wait list funding from the legislature went into effect July 1, 2014. Funding letters are being distributed throughout the six months of 2014.

·         Not all persons on the wait list will receive a funding letter. We will fund everyone waiting 18 months or longer as of September 30, 2013 onto the Supports waiver, unless they meet the eligibility and emergency criteria for the Comprehensive Waiver.

·         A plan of care must be submitted to the Division within 3 months from the date of the funding letter or the funding opportunity will be lost and re-application for the waiver is required

A Message from Chris Newman, Senior Administrator Posted 11-21-2014


Case Managers:

In response to significant public input on the change to a 15 minute case management unit, the Division has made the decision to continue to offer the opportunity for case managers to use the monthly case management unit until the waiver service rates can be rebased and approved by the legislature.  Case managers, working with the participant, guardian and the participant’s team can decide to use either the 15 minute unit or the monthly unit.  This decision is contingent upon the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ current rules which do not require 15 minute units.   

For the full announcement and action items please read through the provider bulletin released on 11-21-14, available on this webpage:

We appreciate the input and recommendations we received from case managers, parents, providers and other stakeholders on this issue.


Legislation on Waiver Redesign

2013 Senate Enrolled Act No. 0082 Medicaid Reform (Legislation requiring the Division to develop and redesign waiver program.)


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