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All Promise
All promise. com is a Chicago based website, working for the Senior Population to make their life more successful in this computer age. They offer many services, including a special section of "Dr. Promise Desk" that has over 100 articles on seniors' everyday computing problems. These are fundamental and everyday problems that senior encountered every day. ( Even though it is based in Chicago, it does have some good information to Wyoming seniors.)

Frontier Education Center
The Frontier Education Center is the only national organization dedicated to the smallest and most geographically isolated communities in the United States - the Frontier (of which most of Wyoming is!).

Senior Job Bank
A non-profit referral service providing a searchable database for older adults, businesses and homeowners to create income opportunities for those individuals wishing to re-enter or remain in the job marketplace.

You're Entitled
"You're Entitled" is a web-based program used to enable people over the age of 55 to learn about all of the federal and state benefits to which they may be entitled. Family members and care givers can also use You're Entitled to learn which benefits are available to help an older person.

Provides access to thousands of forecasts, images, and the Net's largest collection of weather links; states that it is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of weather data on the Web. Includes a simple to use search engine for the latest NOAA forecast for each area as well as satellite images and more. provides talented older workers with a way to market their crafts, products, and goods, and start their own businesses.  If you are interested in either, becoming a "netpreneur" or buy an item made by these talented individuals, be sure to visit this site.
This site is a regional directory. They are striving to provide relevant links classified by topic and region. Websites with relevant content are encouraged to submit their links to us.  (This is actually an international directory.  It includes several countries and all the 50 states.)

Never 2 Late
Its Never 2 Late was formed in 1999 for one simple reason: the senior market has been overlooked by the majority of technology companies. Its Never 2 Late's goal is to make the entire computer experience fun, easy and cost effective for seniors.

Laramie County Library Services for Seniors
This a link to Laramie County's Library site for Senior Services.  It includes information on the Library's homebound service.  THIS IS FOR LARAMIE COUNTY ONLY.