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Links to Sites of Interest to Seniors

While searching for things to put on the Division's Web page, we came across several links to sites that may be of interest to seniors.  Some are fun, some serious, and some contained a wealth of knowledge we could not even begin to delve into on these web pages.  Below is just a beginning.  Dive in and click on a site, watch where it takes you!  Don't worry about getting lost - you can always click on the "HOME" button at the top and it will take you back to your home page and you can start all over again!  (Don't think of it as getting lost, but as taking a Sunday drive through the internet!)

Since starting this page, the Division has been given so many sites, that it was decided to split sites up into sections. Below are the sections decided upon.

Please note:  The authorized use of these links is limited to informational and educational purposes only.  To review the State's full disclaimer, go to the State of Wyoming's Copyright and Disclaimer page.

Aging Associations & Organizations -
Sites for organizations and associations dedicated to the Older Adult.

Disease-Related Organizations & Associations -
Sites for organizations and associations dedicated to promoting awareness for diseases.

Health-Related Sites -
Websites dedicated to the health and well being of Older Americans.

Home Care/Cargiving and Association Sites -  
Websites dedicated to those entities that provide care in the home and for caregivers.

Multi-Layered Sites-
Websites geared for Older Americans, with several layers of information.

Miscellaneous Sites -
Sites that don't really fit into any of the above categories.

Wyoming Services
Different sites that provide the ability to search for services across the State of Wyoming. 


Senior Articles

Evalyn Hoover Award

The Evalyn Hoover Lifetime Achievement Award is presented every other year at the Wyoming Governor’s Conference on Aging to honor a Wyoming.

New Internet Search for Older Adult Services

Tired of running around looking for long-term care information in your community?  Well, now senior services in the state can be accessed from just one Internet address.  This free service was created by the University of Wyoming’s INstitute for Disabilities (WiND), the Department of Health’s Division on Aging, and AARP Wyoming.  Log on to get information sorted by city or county, or by type of service. The internet address is:

Note:  If you have any problems with site including data content (or lack of data content) , or accessibility, please contact this web designer or the senior pathways web designer.  This search engine can only be as  good as the data in it.

Calling All Seniors!

The Senior Companion Program is looking for caring individuals who are low income, over 60 and willing to visit the frail elderly and homebound.  The Program will pay a non-taxable hourly stipend, as well as mileage and meal reimbursements.  The Senior Companion Program serves all counties in Wyoming.  Please call Nita Stephenson at 307-634-1010 for more information.


Advanced Directives

Per a mandate from the Wyoming Legislature,  the Aging Division is to make available the most current approved version of the State's Advanced Directives. 

Advances Directives describe two kinds of legal documents, an individual’s instruction and a power of attorney for health care. These documents allow a person to give instructions about future medical care inc ase they are unable to participate in medical decisions due to serious illness or incapacity. 

Advanced Directives form -  The form to be completed by a person to out line their wishes.

WyAHCD form guide & glossary -  This document provides guidance and deifinitions of terms in the Advance Directives form.



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