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National Family Caregiver Support Program Services Page

The National Family Caregiver Support program (NFCSP) is available   to those qualified individuals who provide care for the elderly at home, relative caregiver and grandparents raising grandchildren the age of seventeen (17) and under. 

Assistance - Assistance, for this program, is help with accessing services for the caregiver, either in a group setting or one to one contact.

Case management - Over-site either in the form of access or care coordination in circumstances where the person and/or their care-givers are experiencing diminished functioning capacities, personal conditions or other characteristics which require the provision of services by formal service providers. Activities of case management include assessing needs, developing care plans, authorizing services, arranging services, coordinating the provision of services among providers, follow-up and reassessment as required.

Counseling/Education - Counseling/education is organized activities related to the support, training and counseling for caregivers to help deal with the stress of caring for a elderly adult or child. 

Information - Information includes outreach, group education and health fairs to relay information to those caregivers not aware of services out there for them.

Respite care - Respite care services offer temporary, substitute supports, or living arrangements for older persons in order to provide a brief period of relief or rest for family members or other caregivers.

Supplemental Services - Durable services to aid the caregiver in keeping their care receiver in the home.

Eligibility for these services: Eligibility for these services is determined by:

  1. A client who is over 55 years of age and caring for a child who is 17 and younger.
  2. A person 18 and older, caring for a qualified care receiver who is 60 years or older. 
  3. A person, 18 and older, caring for a person 60 years old or older.
  4. A person 18 and older taking care of a person with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia.
  5. A grandparent or relative caregiver who is at least 55 years old and taking care of a child who is 17 years of age or younger or an adult child between the ages of 19-59 and living with a disability.

 To find out more about this program, please call the program manager, Jeanne Scheneman at 307-777-8566 or toll free at 800-442-2766 - An online resource for caregivers.

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