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Billing for Services

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Overview of Billing for Services

All waiver providers are required to bill for services electronically.  This means that providers must have access to a computer and the network.  The Office of Healthcare Financing, which runs the Medicaid program, contracts with Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) to process all Medicaid claims, including claims submitted by Medicaid Waiver providers.  The Division does not have authority over the processing of claims.  Below is information on billing.  This billing process can be changed or updated at any time.

Billing Options

Providers have three options for billing:

1. Downloading and filing claims using the WINASAP billing program provided through ACS.  This is the best way to bill for providers who bill for more than 2 or 3 participants or 2 or 3 services each month because information can be saved on each participant and providers do not need to type it in each time they bill.

2. Using ACS’s web portal to file claims.  This is the best way to bill for providers who are billing for only one or two participants each month.  It is very easy to use and does not require that the provider download any software.  However, all the information on the participant must be entered each time a claim is submitted. 

3. Paying someone to complete the billing.  The Division does not get involved in these arrangements, but there are providers willing to assist other providers in the billing process. 

Downloading the WINASAP Billing Program

To download the most current version of the WINASAP billing program, go to Click on “Free download of Latest WINASAP Software” and follow the directions.  If there are any problems downloading the program or filing claims, contact ACS at:

• 307-772-8401 (Inside Cheyenne)
• 800-251-1268 (Outside Cheyenne)

Filing Claims Using the ACS Web Portal 

To access the web portal, go to and go to the section titled “Web Portal”.  Providers must first register to use the portal and there are step-by-step guides to registering and using the portal.  If there are any problems using the web portal contact ACS at:

• 307-772-8401 (Inside Cheyenne)
• 800-251-1268 (Outside Cheyenne)

Additional Information on Billing

In order to bill for services providers must have 4 numbers, listed below:

• Trading Partner ID – Providers receive this number in the mail after they become a provider

• Provider Number – This is the number assigned to providers by ACS and is the number used on the Division’s Pre-Approval form.  This number contains either 9 or 10 digits depending on the services the provider is certified in. Providers receive this number in the mail after they have become certified by the Division.
For providers who are certified in case management, skilled nursing or therapies, an NPI  (National Provider Identifier) is assigned for all billing. Please see  for assistance in applying for an NPI number.

• Prior Authorization Number (PA#) – All services on the waivers must be prior authorized.  Providers receive a prior authorization number for each service provided to each participant.  This number changes when there is a new plan of care, or a modification to a current plan of care so it is important that providers make sure they are using the current PA#.
• Recipient ID # – This is the Participant’s Medicaid Number and is found on the pre-approval page of the plan of care.

Providers should not provide or bill for services until they have a Division approved pre-approval form.  Providers will not be reimbursed for services provided before the effective date listed on the pre-approval form.

Providers are responsible for double-checking documentation before they bill for services.  If a provider finds an error in billing after receiving payment, he or she is required to complete a claims adjustment. 

To complete a claims adjustment, use the current Void/Adjustment form found on the EqualityCare website at Under forms, look for Voice/Adjustment form under miscellaneous forms. 

Providers must complete a claims adjustment when they:

• Do not bill for enough units
• Bill for too many units
• Find an error in documentation that results in a change in the units of services provided and billed