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What is the Children's Mental Health Waiver?

Children’s Mental Health Waiver is a Department of Health Medicaid program with a limited number of funding opportunities using High Fidelity Wraparound that aims to help children of Wyoming reduce their level of service needs and increase their natural supports in a relatively short amount of time. 

It provides individualized services and support based on unique strengths and needs of children and youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families. 

It utilizes a team and goal oriented process for success.  When Wraparound and the Waiver are used successfullly it can provide the following benefits:  

  • Keep youth with serious emotional disturbances that need mental health treatment in their home communities with their parents/families involved in all aspects of their treatment thereby preventing custody relinquishment.

  • Strengthen family skills to support the physical, emotional, social, and educational needs of their children.

  • Reduce, and in some cases, prevent the length of psychiatric hospital stays. 

What are the qualifications for the Children's Mental Health Waiver?

  1. Children and youth between the ages of 4-20
  2. Meet the definition of serious emotional disturbance
  3. Meet at least one Medicaid criteria for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization
  4. CASII composite score of 20-27 (between ages of 6-20)
  5. DSM Axis 1 or ICD diagnosis
  6. Social and emotional assessment information or ECSII (ages 4 & 5)
  7. Financially eligible for Medicaid based on their own resources  

Application Process

An application must be completed and both clinical and financial requirements must be met before the youth can be accepted into the Children’s Mental Health Waiver program. 

Assistance in completing the application process is available through the waiver program office.  Download the application. 

The following documents may provide insight and a clearer understanding of the program and processes:

  • CASII Explanation– Overview of the Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Index to explain the tool and how it is used to help the waiver program establish clinical eligibility for services 

Wait List Management


Currently there is a waiting list for CMH waiver services. When a Waiver opening becomes available, the status of the wait list is updated by Waiver staff. The applicants will be listed in two wait lists, one categorized by combined scores from high to low and one by order of time spent waiting.


When there is an available funding opportunity, eligible applicants will be funded alternately between:


1.       The eligible applicant having the highest score based on the criteria below; then

2.       The eligible applicant waiting the longest on the list, based upon the financial eligibility determination date.


Applicants are scored and ranked on the wait list using the following criteria:


1.       The higher level of care criteria score identified through the following items:

  • Eligibility Qualifications Acuity (CASII score + one point for 2 or more criteria):

o   The CASII level of care score; and

o   Meets more than two Medicaid criteria for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.

  • Threat for Custody Relinquishment – being denied care because of custody status, Child in Need of Supervision (CHINS) petition is being recommended or considered, or Department of Family Services Child Protective Services are involved. (counts as one point)
  • Threat to Home/School Situation – expulsion and/or placement from school or homelessness. (counts as one point) 

Waiver Services Offered through the Program

 Waiver services are non-clinical services provided as outlined in an Individual Service Plan (ISP) meant to support and enhance mental health services provided by local/regional practitioners, both public and private.

  • Family Care Coordination: services that advocate for and support youth and family utilizing the Children’s Mental Health Waiver to the fullest benefit possible.
  • Youth and Family Training & Support: services that train youth, family members, neighbors, friends or companions specifically identified by the family care team in the Individual Service Plan that support and enhance the overall services goals for the participant. There are unlimited possibilities as to what activities are included in this service category. Youth served by the waiver program also receive all available Medicaid services while participating in the waiver program.
  • Respite: This service has been approved for the Waiver, but certified providers are not yet available in all counties.  The maximum number of Respite units allowed per year is 1664 which is approximately 8 hours per week.

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