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What is the ICAP?                

  • The Inventory for Client and  Agency Planning (ICAP) has been in use in Wyoming since 1987.  The instrument is nationally normed and is one of the three adaptive behavior assessments that are most widely accepted.  The Division has paid for, coordinated, and even conducted, thousands of ICAPs since then.  It is used by the Division for  determination of clinical eligibilty for the Medicaid DD waivers and provides information that is used in setting individual budgeted amounts for both waivers.  The ICAP is an assessment, not a plan.

Why can there be changes in the ICAP?

  • Changes in the individual
  • Changes in the Division's need to gain a better understanding of the individual

What should I expect if I am asked to participate?

  • A professional will visit you and ask you questions about  someone you know well who has a disability.  He or she will ask you about things the person can do well and things that are difficult or not currently possible for the person you know

What is the role of the team?

  • The team has a critical role in picking respondents who will best provide current and accurate information. Respondents should be people who know about the person's day-to-day life
  • Different respondents have different experiences with the individual

Who decides who is going to provide information?

  • ICAP respondents are chosen by the Individually-selected Service Coordinator (ISC) with input from the team, including the individual and/or guardian
  • The average number of respondents is 3 to 4 people--it can be more or less
  • The Individually-selected Service Coordinator can be a respondent
  • The person served and/or guardian can be a respondent
  • Other people who know the individual well and have worked with the person on a daily basis for the last three months can be a respondent

What if I have questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Developmental Disabilities' toll-free number, at 1 (800) 510-0280; or the Division's main telephone number at 1 (307) 777-7115.