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Home-Based Worker Information


Q: What are the criteria to be certified to contract with the state and not be classified as a Home-based Worker?
1. Hire at least one employee. 
2. Certified to provide services in a home or facility you own or lease (your name must appear on the lease or mortgage).
3. Provide case management, support brokerage, skilled nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and/or physical therapy.
4. You are only certified to provide homemaking services
5. If you are only providing specialized equipment and/or environmental modifications

Q: Can I be both a Home-based Worker and contract with the state?
A: No 

Q: How can we keep our home-based worker?
A:  You can keep your home-based worker if you choose an Agency of Choice Financial Management Service or the Fiscal/Employer Agent Financial Management Service, which is Public Partnerships, LLC.  You can also choose to be the employer of record through self-direction and hire the home based worker as your employee.

Q:  If we are not considered a home-based worker because our home is ok to do services in, can I ever provide the same service, Respite, in the participant’s home?
A:  Yes, you can still provide services in the participant’s home.

Q:  Will it affect services during transition if the provider is home-based so services aren't interrupted?
A: The Division is allowing providers who are considered home-based workers to continue their certification through September 30, 2010 to allow for a transition.   There should be no interruption in services during this transition.