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Recertification Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is a test incident? Do I need to file the test incident report as if it were real?
A: A test incident allows providers to become familiar with the incident reporting process beyond formal training. Yes, just make sure that you place Suzy Test as the name of the participant that you are filing the report on. Also, do not contact the other agencies at the bottom of the report, just type it in as if you had.

Q: If I have completed the CPR/1st Aid class but I don’t have my card yet, what should I do?
A: Obtain a copy of the roster from the instructor indicating the date that you took the class and whether you passed or not.

Q: If I have employees do I need to send all the information on my employees to the Provider Support Specialist?
A: Yes, you need to include this information if you don't provide services in facility (including your home) you own or lease. If you require a visit from your Provider Support Specialist to complete your recertification, then you do not need to include your employee’s information as it will be checked during the visit. 
Q: Do I have to have a visit from a Provider Support Specialist even if I don’t do services in my home?
A: Support Brokers and Case Managers are still required to have a visit with their Provider Support Specialist.  This face-to-face consultative visit is so that communication is easier and questions and/or concerns can   be discussed more freely. A home visit is not required; the visit can be done anywhere as long as it provides for privacy and compliance with HIPAA.

Q: If I am a therapist or a nurse, do I need an on-site visit from the Provider Support Specialist? 
A: No, you do not need an on-site visit although one can be done if you would like one.  If you have  employees and do not wish to have an on-site completed, then you will need to send copies of current  licensure, current CPR/1st Aid, and  the successful background check of any employee that is providing  services to a waiver participant.  All employees that work with waiver participants are also required to  complete and document the Division required trainings which are available on DVD.  A copy of this documentation is required as well.

Q: Who do I send my completed recertification packet to when I have completed it?

A: You will send your completed packet to the Provider Support Specialist in your area which is identified on  the first page of your recertification packet.  Contact information is also on the Division’s web site. 
Q: Do I need to revise my current policies and procedures and emergency plans or can I use the standardized forms in the recertification packet?
A: You can do it either way as long as all of the requirements are being addressed.  For the standardized policies, procedures, and emergency plans there are some areas which you will need to write in specifics to you.  Always make a copy of what you are using for your records as these are what you will be held responsible for when completing the testing of emergency plans.

Q: Do I need to watch the Division required DVD trainings before each recertification?
A: No, they are only required to be completed once. You could be asked to re-watch a specific part of one of the DVD’s if your Provider Support Specialist finds that you need retraining.

Q: How do I get a two year certification?
A: A two year certification can be given if, during your recertification, no Health and Safety or Rights recommendations are found. 

Q: If the Provider Support Specialist already has a copy of my current driver’s license and CPR/1st Aid cards,  do I still need to send in another copy with my recertification paperwork?
A: Yes, it is required for copies to be submitted with your recertification paperwork each time.

Q: What do I do if I haven’t received a recertification packet and it is the month of my recertification?
A: If you do not receive a recertification packet from your Provider Support Specialist within 90 days of your  certification expiring, it is your responsibility to contact them or another Division staff to have one sent to  you.