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Steps for Completing Your Recertification

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Whether you are CARF or Non-CARF Accredited, this page will help you understand the steps required to complete your recertification as a Waiver Provider. Please review the steps and if you have any questions, please contact your local Provider Support Specialist.


Steps for CARF Providers Steps for Non-Carf Providers
1. The Division notifies all CARF providers of the scheduling for the on-site survey for the next year after the schedule has been set by the Provider Support Program team. 1. The Division notifies providers in writing that their certification is expiring at least 90 calendar days prior to the certification expiration date.  The provider should review this letter because it summarizes the requirements that must be met to be recertified.  With the written notification there is also a recertification packet with instructions on what is needed to complete the recertification as well as the required forms. The time frames must be adhered to that are listed in the letter so there are no interruptions in certification. 
All recertification forms included in the recertification packet that are submitted must be the original signed forms.

If you do not receive a recertification packet at least 90 days before your certification expiration date, contact your Provider Support Specialist.  It is your responsibility to follow up with the Provider Support Specialist to obtain a recertification packet if you did not receive one by the time frame stated above.
2. Approximately 90 days prior to the on-site survey, providers receive a letter from the lead surveyor reminding them of the survey dates and requesting specific information.  Organizations should make sure that this letter is reviewed carefully and that the information requested is submitted by the date requested. 2. If an on-site visit is required (Day Habilitation, Residential Habilitation, Residential Habilitation Training, Child Habilitation, Companion Services, Supported Living, Community Integrated Employment, Personal Care, Respite Care, Special Family Habilitation Home, Case Management*, and Independent Support Broker*) the letter will include which Provider Support Specialist to contact to schedule the visit. The visit must be scheduled far enough in advance that the Provider Support Specialist can make arrangements for travel and lodging if needed.

3. During the on-site survey for the recertification the Provider Support Specialist or team will:

a) Complete an entrance meeting explaining the survey process, any changes to the survey process, and the times and dates of the debriefings

b) Complete a review of a random sample of at least 5 participants reviewing documentation from all services that the participant receives, emergency information, releases of information, and internal incidents

c) Complete a review of 5 staff files hired since the last survey to ensure appropriate qualifications, required trainings, and applicable certifications are current and are met

d) A review of organizational policies and procedures every 3 years unless there have been a change in requirements from the Division

e) A review of internal and external inspections for not more than 3 residential sites and the day habilitation site

f) Interview 2 staff from day habilitation sites and 1 staff from each residential site visited

g) Interview all case managers of the organization

h) Complete the exit interview

3. During the on-site visit, the Provider Support Specialist will review:

a) Documentation for the participants that you provide services for

b) Log for the testing of emergency plans

c) Log for the testing of detector checks

d) Participant Specific Training

e) Current policies and procedures

f) Incident Reporting process

g) Complaint Process

h) Medication Assistance Records (if applicable)

The Provider Support Specialist will also conduct a walk through of the home and a vehicle inspection in order to complete a health and safety inspection.

4. During the exit meeting the Provider Support team will review the results of the survey, including areas of exemplary practice, commendable practices, suggestions and areas of non-compliance with recommendations that the organization is going to need to address.  Provider Support Specialists are also expected to be a resource to organizations as they address any concerns. 4. If an on-site visit is not required (Homemaking only, Specialized Equipment, Home Modifications, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Skilled Nursing, Dietician, Cognitive Retraining), there is a form in the recertification packet that will give instructions for specific information and documents that are to  be sent to the Provider Support Specialist to be reviewed. 
Do not send the original documentation for a participant, participant specific training, Division required trainings, CPR/1st Aid cards, or logs for the testing of emergency plans.
5. Upon completion of the survey a certificate is issued within 30 days and includes all current services the organization is certified in.  5. During the recertification, Provider Support staff will also review any updates to the waivers and do retraining if needed. This is a great time to ask questions, voice problems, concerns, or opinions, and obtain information that will make you more successful as a provider.

After a Provider Support Specialist has completed a provider’s recertification, either on-site or through the paper review, they will review the results of the recertification, including areas in compliance, suggestions, and areas of non-compliance with recommendations that will need to be addressed.  It is important that a provider understands the findings of the recertification and, when applicable, the areas which need improvement.  Provider Support Specialists are also expected to be a resource to providers as they address any concerns.