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State Respite Program Information


State Respite is a state funded program that enables parents to take a break from the care of their child for a few hours. The program has been authorized by the legislature.


Linda Trujillo, State Respite Coordinator

6101 Yellowstone Road, Suite 259A

Cheyenne, WY 82002



Who is eligible for the state respite program?

In order to meet the qualifications for the program your child must be under the age of 21 and have a developmental disability. A developmental disability is defined as a severe, chronic disability which is attributable to a mental, emotional or physical impairment or a combination of impairments that is likely to continue indefinitely and results in substantial functional limitations in three (3) or more of the following areas: Self Care; Receptive and expressive language; Learning; Mobility; Self-direction; Capacity for independent living; or Economic self-sufficiency. This information can be verified by physician, psychologist or IEP/IFSP.

Children who are currently being served though the Children’s Mental Health waiver or the Child DD waiver may NOT apply for state respite. If a child is funded in either of those programs, DD must be notified and the child will be removed from the state respite program.


Frequently Answered Questions

 How do I apply for my child to receive services?

Click here for the application to receive state respite services. This must be mailed or faxed to the Division: Linda Trujillo, State Respite Coordinator.

Where can I find a provider application to do State Respite?

Click here to download the application. Send the completed application and other necessary items to Linda Trujillo. See the last question and response to find the INVOICE, which is used to bill the state for services provided.

Is there a co-pay?

The provider reimbursement rate for state respite is $8.00/hour. Depending on parental income, there may be a sliding fee for parents. This information is found in the participant application packet.

How much respite can be approved?

The maximum monthly amount is evaluated quarterly. You will be notified of the maximum amount when you apply and every quarter after that.

How do I find a provider in my community?
You can contact Linda Trujillo for a list. But you may need to talk with family and friends to see if they would be interested in becoming a state respite provider.

How does the provider get reimbursed?

The provider should invoice the state using this form. It must be signed by both parent and provider and sent to the Division.