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Self-Direction Information

In November and December 2009, the Developmental Disabilities Division held public forums across the state on the new Financial Management Service options that will be available on all three waivers in July 2010. Below are the two presentations from those forums. If you have questions regarding the information, please contact the Division for more details. 

October 2010 Newsletter - Oct 7, 2010 Self-Direction Call Minutes

February 2011 Self-Direction Newsletter


Self-direction allows you and your family to decide which services would best meet your needs, encourages you to design your own plan of care, manage your own budget, decide who to hire to provide support for you, and negotiate the wages you want to pay to your employees.  



Step 1 Tell your case manager that you would like to self-direct services!

Step 2 Select a Support Broker from the provider list.  (Your case manager can provide you with a copy of this list and will help you add this person to your plan of care.)

Step 3 Decide the way you want to self-direct and the amount of money from your budget that you and your team want to use for self-directed services and your case manager will modify your plan of care to include a self-directed service budget.

Step 4 Choose to use either the Fiscal Employer Agent (Public Partnerships LLC) to do the employer paperwork so you can be the boss and hire your own staff, or choose an Agency with Choice to help you be a “co-employer” and the agency will help you hire staff.

For more information on self-directing your waiver services, review the self-direction handbook or talk with your case manager about this great opportunity!

The Division has developed several tools for assisting Participants, Families, & Support Brokers to successfully self-direct services.  

Below are several guides to assist with self-direction:

Note: Looking for the Support Broker Opt Out form? It is located on the Case Manager Forms webpage, since the participant has to submit a request to opt out from the case manager.

Self-Direction and Financial Management Service options:

Fiscal/Employer Agent with Public Partnerships, LLC. in PDF

Agency with Choice & Self-Direction in PDF

Agency with Choice Provider Information

If you or your organization plan to become an Agency with Choice under the new self-direction option, please click here to read Agency with Choice Provider Information.

Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) Enrollment

Public Partnership, LLC has completed their tour through the state for enrollment; however, as part of the ongoing option to self-direct services, you may contact them at any time to enroll. If you, as a participant or legal guardian, wish to self-direct service as the employer of record, you may contact Public Partnerships, LLC at any time for more information. PPL's customer service number is 1-866-896-0040

To Log on to Public Partnerships, LLC, visit and enter WYDDD for the Login and pplwyddd67 for the Password.

Instructional Guide for PPL's Web Portal Access - PDF

Q: Does PPL notify the participant that the employee is ready to go?

Answer: As soon as PPL receives a participant/provider’s paperwork, PPL will follow up if anything is missing. If nothing is missing and the paperwork is perfectly completed, PPL will contact the provider and participant once the fingerprint submission status/DFS registry check come back. At that point, every employee is contacted by customer service with a paperwork status update, their employee ID number, instructions for submitting timesheets, and the status of their fingerprint/registry checks. Participants, employees, Division staff, support brokers, and case managers are always welcome to call PPL at any time.


Q: How are participants/guardians notified by PPL when their enrollment is complete?

Answer:  PPL receives employer of record and employee packets and processes them. During this time, families, providers, support brokers, and case managers can call 866-896-0040 (or email whenever they like to inquire as to the status of paperwork.

As PPL processes the items, if something is missing, they will call the participant or provider and let them know. When PPL gets the fingerprint and DFS registry check results back, customer service places a call to the provider and participant letting them know the results of the background check. If it is a pass, PPL will send out information packets that contain the timesheet instructions. If it is a fail, PPL will let the family and provider know that the provider is not eligible to provide services. 

A participant may start self-directing their services with PPL after this completed process and after the case manager authorizes money in the PPL Webportal for the services chosen.


If you have a question regarding self-direction, please contact the Division at 307-777-7115 or 1-800-510-0280 or at