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Electronic Medicaid Waiver System (EMWS) 



Exciting Progress!


The Behavioral Health Division - Developmental Disabilities Section is excited to announce our newly developed web-based Electronic Medicaid Waiver System (EMWS).

The software developer, Gannett Peak Technical Services, which is owned and operated in Wyoming, used agile product development to make a user-friendly system for Case Managers and Division staff.

No more back and forth with paper documents and files. Everything is now at your fingertips making it much easier to do business!

Below are helpful user-friendly guides, checklists, and desk references to assist you in navigating the system.

EMWS/IMPROV Gateway Link


NEW Supplemental Requests in EMWS

Goods and Services Process Flowchart 

ECC Request Process Flowchart

CRT Request Process Flowchart

Reconsideration Request Process Flowchart

EMWS Tool Kit

  • IPC eGuide - provides instructions and screen shots for completing the IPC in the EMWS

  •  Rev. 8-2015  Reset User Password in EMWS - NEW Eligibility Guide - includes screen shots and helpful tips for using the EMWS to establish eligibility

  •  Online Training Website - informative short training modules that you can access at your convenience that explain more of the "how to" meet the requirements and expectations for Case Managers. Please check them out - they can make a difference!

 EMWS Getting Started Questions

1. I am locked out of the EMWS system and forgot my password. What do I do to get back in?
            Refer to Reset Password for details.

2. What is the EMWS web address?

3. Who can use the new EMWS?
            Case Managers that are certified by the Division.

4. Do I have to download software for this system?
            No, this is a web based application that does not require you to purchase software.

5. Do I need specific hardware to access this system?
            Yes, you will need a scanner. Refer to the Computer Instructional Guide for more details.

6. Do I just need Internet access?
            Yes, we recommend high-speed Internet connectivity; preferably DSL or Cable.

7. What web browser do I use?
            Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser will  work effectively with the EMWS.

8. What do I do if I'm having issues using my scanner?
            Please consult your hardware or computer manual or contact your local computer service center.

9. Why does the "Submit Plan of Care" link show up in my task list after I've submitted the IPC?
            Refer to the FAQ link above for details or the IPC eGuide.

10. I cannot find a case by using the search function?
            Refer to the FAQ link above for details or the IPC eGuide.

11. What is the acknowledgment link that shows up in the task list?
            Refer to the FAQ link above for details or the IPC eGuide.

12. What do I do if I've made a mistake after clicking the "Submit" button?
            Refer to the FAQ link above for details or the IPC eGuide.

13. Why can't I open a file I've saved in the EMWS?
            The problem may be the file extension; the system will only support file extensions listed in the Computer Instructional Guide. Check to be sure you are saving it as one of the acceptable file extensions.