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Waiver Updates and Changes

2010 Waiver Changes and Reminders

Service Rates for FY2011 Effective July 1, 2010 (includes new services)

Waiver Service Definitions for FY2011 Effective July 1, 2010 (includes new service definitions)

Waiver Changes 2010 for Providers (Webinar powerpoint for Apr 26 & 27)

Waiver Changes 2010 for Participants & Families - Webinar powerpoint (click for pdf) Apr 2010

2010 Waiver Changes timeline for Case Managers  posted April 2010

Waiver Changes 2010 - Webinar Power Point for Case Managers posted April 2010

                                 Webinar Presentation in pdf


Waiver Updates - for July 2010 

Over the past year the Division has been working on the Support Options Waiver and the Comprehensive Waiver; however, these waivers are being put on hold due to time constraints. The Division has decided to move forward and renew the Child DD Waiver (adding the option to self-direct services) and amend the existing Adult and ABI Waivers to included self-direction. Within the waivers there have been several changes to existing services and also new services have been added. (Service Definition Chart link is below)

Please take the time and read the following letters for more information regarding the waivers. These letters were sent to providers, parents/guardians, & participants.

Child Waiver Updates - PDF

Adult & ABI Waiver Updates - PDF

Case Manager Updates - PDF

Provider Updates - PDF