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Director’s Unit for Policy, Research and Evaluation

The overarching goal of the Director’s Unit for Policy, Research and Evaluation (DUPRE) is to be a proactive policy and research office that helps the department create policies and evaluate programs/initiatives in a cutting-edge environment that aims to put the department in the forefront of health policy and research.

These efforts are intended to be sustained over time to improve the health status of all Wyoming residents, while reducing health disparities and increasing program effectiveness. 

DUPRE facilitates change both within and outside the Wyoming Department of Health by:

  • developing informed health policy,
  • assisting with strategic and operational planning,
  • directing research and evaluation initiatives,
  • guiding performance improvement, and
  • transforming processes and programming that result in improved health outcomes for all Wyoming residents.


  • Mindy Chai (Administrator)
  • Franz Fuchs (Policy Analyst/Legislative Liason)
  • Leah Grout (Policy Fellow)  
  • Stefan Johansson (Policy Analyst)
Please click here for a listing of DUPRE Reports and Presentations