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Severe Malocclusion Program

The Severe Malocclusion Program will cover eligible children in need of orthodontic treatment (ages 12 - 18).  Eligibility is dependent upon financial need as well as medical necessity.  Applicants must be Wyoming residents.  This program is designed to meet the orthodontic needs of children with severe handicapping conditions that clearly impact function.

There are several types of congenital craniofacial anomalies that severely affect dental occlusion and function. The most common of these is cleft lip/cleft palate, which affects approximately one in 450 newborns each year. Nearly all of these children will require comprehensive orthodontic treatment as part of their overall rehabilitation.  

Application Process

  • The program receives the application, verifies income for financial and age eligibility
  • Applicant is added to the program waiting list

Exam Process

  • An authorization to complete an initial exam is sent to the orthodontist who works with this program in your area
  • Applicant receives a letter from the program stating the authorization has been sent to the orthodontist in their area, the parent/guardian will need to make the appointment with the orthodontist indicated in the letter
  • After the exam has been completed the orthodontist will forward the records to the program administrator/team for review

Approval Process

  • If the initial exam records are approved by the program administrator/team, the program will authorize the orthodontist to complete the treatment
  • If the records are not approved, the program only covers the expense of the initial exam and the file is closed



To apply for this program you may obtain an application from your local public health nursing office, by contacting the program at 307-777-8946 or by clicking here to download a printable file

Parents must fill out one application per child and attach a referral from their child's general dentist.

Please click here for a printable dental referral form.