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Vaccine Replacement Policy                                                            (5/01/14)

How to Submit a PDF Form                                                            (5/01/14)

VFC/WyVIP Program

Program Policies and Procedures                                                    (1/01/14)

Eligibility and Administration Fee                                                    (6/20/14)

Vaccine Eligibility Table                                                                   (2/4/14)  

Administration Fee Billing - coming soon

Delegation of Authority   

Quick Reference Guides       

Vaccine Orders                                                                               (5/01/14)

Vaccine Transfers                                                                           (5/01/14)

Vaccine Returns                                                                             (5/01/14)

Non-Returnable Vaccine Loss                                                           (5/01/14)

Short-Dated Vaccine                                                                       (5/01/14)

Vaccine Borrowing                                                              NEW   (12/01/14)

Temperature Logs                                                                         (5/01/14)

Doses Administered                                                                       (5/01/14)

WyIR Inventory                                                                             (5/01/14)


Vaccine Coordinator Training Program (VCTP)

Click the link above to access information about the Vaccine Coordinator Training Program, as well as the webinar schedule and online modules (coming soon).

Wyoming Immunization Registry (WyIR)

Training for the Wyoming Immunization Registry (WyIR) must be arranged individually as it is based on your facility’s use of the WyIR. Contact John Anderson, WyIR Coordinator, at to schedule training for your facility.

Quick start guides are also available in the WyIR Document Center or on the WyIR webpage.





Jude Alden, MBA, CPM
VFC Coordinator

LaChel May
Provider Support Specialist


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Upcoming VCTP Webinars

Date     Topic       Time

12/01   VOMS        9:30-11

12/04  Overview    9-10

12/09  Basic IZ      11-12

12/17  S&H           3-4

12/19  Overview   12-1