Wyoming Immunization Registry (WyIR)

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Brochure for the Wyoming Immunization Registry WyIR)                            (1/24/12)

Provider Information

WyIR Enrollment Overview                                                                       (6/20/14)
     How to enroll in the WyIR
WyIR Provider Enrollment Agreement                                                        (8/20/14)
     How to become an authorized provider

WyIR Access Level Form                                                                          (8/20/14)
     How to add a user to the WyIR

WyIR Remove User Form                                                                         (6/19/12) 
     How to inactivate a WyIR user 

WyIR End User Licensing Agreement                                                         (8/15/14)
     The terms and conditions for the use of the WyIR     

User Information

HIPAA Privacy and Security Training                                                            (3/4/14)
      Highly recommended for all WyIR Users 

Getting Started - WyIR Quick Reference Guide                                            (2/03/12)

Patients - WyIR Quick Reference Guide                                                      (2/03/12)

Vaccinations - WyIR Quick Reference Guide                                                (2/03/12)

Inventory - WyIR Quick Reference Guide                                                    (3/17/14)

WyIR Vaccine Cheat Sheet                                                                        (9/2014)

Access Levels - WyIR Quick Reference Guide                                              (6/05/13)

Coverage Rate Report – WyIR Quick Reference Guide                                  (3/17/14)

Reminder Recall Quick Reference Guide                                                   (11/12/14)

How to Disable Password Autocomplete                                                     (3/18/14)

Forgot Password    How to reset a WyIR Password

Report Duplicates   How to combine multiple records for the same patient 

Patient Information

All requests must be accompanied by a copy of parent/guardian's state-issued ID card.
Notice of Privacy Practices                                                                           (7/2013)
How information may be Shared
Access to Records Request                                                                         (5/2012)
   How to get a copy of the record in the WyIR
Access to Immunization Records                                                                 (5/2012)
  How to get a copy of immunization records in the WyIR

Disclosure Authorization Form                                                                    (3/2012)
  How 3rd parties can get a copy of the record in the WyIR

Amendment Request                                                                                (5/2012)  
 How to change the record in the WyIR

Use or Disclosure Restriction                                                                    
How a patient may limit who can see their records 


WyIR Data Translation Tool (DTT) Guide V5.12.8                                       (12/14/12)

Implementation Guide for Immunization Messaging - HL7Version 2.5.1          (3/2014) 

Implementation Guide for HL7 2.5.1                                                          (12/14/12)
WyIR Health Level 7 (HL7) Guide                                                              (1/15/13)

Using the Barcode Scanner in the Mass Immunizations Module of WyIR       (1/03/12)

Mass Immunizations
Quick Start Guide for Mass Immunizations                                               (9/20/12)
Mass Immunization User Guide-Web V5.12.5.3                                        (12/14/12)
Mass Immunization User Guide-Standalone-5.11.0                                   (12/14/12)

Information for School Nurses
School Nurse Access Memo                                                                  (2/20/14)
School Nurse WyIR Access Agreement                                                  (2/21/14)

School Nurse WyIR Access Agreement in Spanish                                  (2/25/14)
FAQ for School Nurses                                                                        (2/25/14)
School Nurse Reporting Application User Guide V5.12.8                          (12/14/12)
V486-School Nurse Quick Start User Guide                                            (9/28/10)

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