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Adult Immunizations

Adults need immunizations too! Most adults were immunized as children and incorrectly assume that they do not need vaccines as adults. However, the following points should be considered:

  • Some adults were not vaccinated as children or did not receive the complete vaccine series. 
  • Scientific discoveries are always being made, introducing vaccines that were not available before and making new vaccine recommendations. 
  • The immunity provided by some vaccines received during childhood can fade over time.
  • Adults become more susceptible to serious disease caused by common infections as they age (for
    example: influenza and pneumococcus).  

Adult Vaccine Recommendations 

*Adults should contact their healthcare provider to determine if these vaccines are recommended for them.



Do I Need Any Vaccinations Today?

Adult Immunization Information

Adult Vaccination Information for Healthcare and Public Health Professionals

Standards for Adult Immunization Practice


Information for International Travelers




Vaccines for Uninsured Adults Program 

Adults who do not have access to health insurance coverage for immunizations can receive vaccines at no cost through the Vaccines for Uninsured Adults program. This program provides vaccines, at a minimal administration fee, to adults who are 19 years and older. Contact a local Public Health Nursing office to see if they participate in this program. 

Adult Viral Hepatitis Program

Vaccines are provided to program providers for administration to qualifying patients at no cost. Contact a local Public Health Nursing office or visit the Viral Hepatitis Program website.