The  mission of  the Wyoming  Immunization Unit is  to  support   and  promote  immunization  services  through   collaboration,    education,   and resources to prevent vaccine-preventable  diseases in   Wyoming.


The  Immunization  Unit manages the federal  Vaccines  for   Children (VFC) and state   Wyoming  Vaccinates  Important  People    (WyVIP)  programs,   which provide state  and  federally-purchased     vaccines to participating providers.


The  Immunization  Unit   also  operates  the Wyoming   Immunization  Registry  (WyIR), a secure, confidential, Internet-based  immunization database. The  Immunization  Unit serves  as  a  resource to   medical  providers  for  education  and clinical guidance,  vaccine  storage   and  handling, understanding immunization coverage rates, and the vaccine exemption process.


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