Proper storage and handling of vaccines is vital to ensuring the protection of individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccine safety is a shared role from the time the vaccine is manufactured until the vaccine is administered to a patient.

As a reminder, Wyoming VFC/WyVIP providers are required to monitor and record vaccine temperatures in °C (Celsius). In order to reduce duplication of efforts, some resources available on this page do refer to °F (Fahrenheit); however, only temperatures in °C will be accepted by the Immunization Program.

CDC Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit                      (5/2014)

Vaccine Storage Units

Vaccine Storage Unit Types and Recommendations  NEW  (7/2014)

“Do Not Unplug” Signage for Storage Units (EZIZ)

“Do Not Stop Power” Signage for Circuit Breaker

Safeguard Your Power Supply (EZIZ)


Thermometer Purchasing Guide                                           (4/2014)

Thermometer Calibration Certificate Checklist                       (4/2014)

LogTag How-To Guide                                                 NEW (7/2014)

LogTag Quick Tips                                                     NEW  (6/2014)

Refrigerator Cold Chain Management

Preparing for Vaccine Storage (EZIZ) 

Storing Vaccines (EZIZ)

Transporting Refrigerated Vaccine (EZIZ) 

Freezer Cold Chain Management

Preparing for Vaccine Storage (EZIZ)

Storing Vaccines (EZIZ)

Vaccine Management

Vaccine Management Plan Template                       NEW  (7/2014)

Emergency Plan Template                                     NEW  (7/2014)

Emergency Vaccine Retrieval and Storage Plan (CDC S&H Toolkit)

Vaccine Inventory Management (CDC S&H Toolkit)

Storage & Handling Resources

CDC Vaccine Storage & Handling Webpage

IAC: Checklist for Safe Vaccine Storage & Handling

CDC Pink Book: Vaccine Storage and Handling 

IAC: Errors in Vaccine Storage and Handling








Kristy Westfall

Compliance Specialist