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Maternal High Risk & Newborn Intensive Care Program

There are no tertiary care hospitals in Wyoming, and as a result, women who are identified as Maternal High Risk and infants in need of an Intensive Care Unit must be transported out of state. MCH provides financial assistance for eligible high-risk mothers and infants to access tertiary care outside of the state. 

Maternal High Risk  (MHR)

  • $2,000 allowed for transport to Level III Center
  • $5,000 for maternal care at a Level III Center
  • $3,000 allowed for a newborn born to a Maternal High Risk Mother who is not eligible for the Newborn Intensive Care Program (see below)
  • $5,000 allowed for individuals or couples who require pre or post-conceptual genetic counseling

Newborn Intensive Care (NBIC) 

  • $40,000 MAXIMUM allowed for Level III infant care including $2,000 transport


Guidelines for Maternal High Risk and Newborn Intensive Care Programs


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