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About Kid Care CHIP

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Kid Care CHIP is Wyoming's Children's Health Insurance Program.

Kid Care CHIP makes healthcare affordable for children of eligible families.

It covers the medical and dental care that children need to help them from getting sick and the care to help them get better if they do get sick or hurt.

Applications for Kid Care CHIP are available in all Wyoming communities, at county health departments, healthcare facilities, WIC offices, Head Start facilities, Indian Health Services, and many more community locations. 




If you think your child(ren) might be eligible, call today and have an application sent to you or download it from our site or apply online at Don’t miss out on a benefit that could help your child(ren)!
To be eligible, children must be:


• A US Citizen or lawful, permanent resident who has lived in the US for at least 5 years
• A Wyoming Resident (residing in the state of Wyoming)
• Age 18 or younger
• Income Eligible
Children cannot be:


• A dependent of an employee of the State of Wyoming
• Resident of an institution
• Have other health insurance within the last 30 days (with some exceptions)


The following chart will help you determine if your child meets the income guidelines. If your income is higher than the figures below, please call and talk to the Kid Care CHIP Eligibility Unit or fill out an application, sign it and mail it in because family structure is also used to determine eligibility. 


The best way to find out if your child may be eligible for Kid Care CHIP is to apply.

Family Size
Gross Monthly Income*
(before taxes)
 1  $1,945

*These income guidelines are effective for April 1, 2013. 

Key points to Remember:
Income figures are gross income (before taxes).


Cost to the family:

There are currently no enrollment costs or monthly premiums for Kid Care CHIP. Families do have to pay co-payments for some services. Some services like immunizations, well child visits and preventive and diagnostic dental services are free.

An eligible child will be placed in one of three cost sharing plans (Plan A, B or C) based on the application information.

Co-payments are on a per child basis with an annual out of pocket family maximum.

No co-payments are charged to American Indians or Alaska Natives as long as we have a copy of the Certificate of Indian Blood (C.I.B) letter or Tribal ID on file.

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Benefits Covered:
Kid Care CHIP offers a complete set of healthcare benefits for Wyoming’s eligible children, such as:

• Inpatient and outpatient hospital services
• Doctor visits
• Laboratory and x-ray services
• Well-baby, well-child and well-adolescent care, including age appropriate
• Prescriptions
• Mental Health services
• Dental services
• Medically Necessary Orthontics
• Vision services
• Physical Therapy
• Other Health Benefits

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Insurance Card:
If your child is a new Kid Care CHIP enrollee:
• You will receive an insurance ID card, an enrollee handbook and a
   provider directory from Blue Cross Blue Shield as well as a Dental ID
   Card and handbook from Delta Dental by the 15th of the month that
   your enrollment begins. For example, if your child(ren) will be enrolled 
   beginning February 1, you can expect the packet around February 15th.

• If your child has a medical or dental appointment after enrollment begins but prior
  to receiving an ID card, take your letter with you to the medical or dental provider.

• If your child needs medicine prior to receiving the ID card,
  you may contact Blue Cross Blue Shield at 1-800-209-9720.

• As proof of Kid Care CHIP coverage, always show the doctor or dentist your ID card.

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