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Division of Healthcare Financing

The Division of Healthcare Financing was created to bring public healthcare programs under one umbrella for administrative purposes.

The Division of Healthcare Financing administrator serves as the state medicaid director with responsibility for oversight and technical assistance provided to the divisions that administer Medicaid within the Department of Health.

The Division of Healthcare Financing comprises of three distinct units:  Wyoming's Medicaid program, Kid Care CHIP (Wyoming's State Children's Health Insurance Program), and Office of Pharmacy Services.

RELEASED FOR COMPETITIVE PROCUREMENT: Wyoming Medicaid Care Management Entity Contract (RFP No. 0111-Z)

The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH), Division of Healthcare Financing (DHCF), the state-appointed entity for administration of Wyoming’s Medicaid program, is soliciting proposals from vendors to serve as a statewide CME for youth with complex behavioral health conditions. The CME shall support WDH’s efforts to better serve youth in their homes and communities by providing the necessary high-fidelity wraparound (HFWA) services and supports for enrolled youth. The CME will serve as an entry point for Wyoming’s Medicaid-eligible youth with behavioral health conditions, ensuring the appropriate provision of required services and enabling the youth and their family to achieve the goals of safety, permanency, and well-being in their communities using HFWA.


For a copy of the document, please contact Angela Morson:

Angela Morson
Procurement Office
700 W. 21st Street
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002




The State of Wyoming, Department of Health, Division of Healthcare Financing (DHCF) invites vendors to respond to the attached Vendor Questionnaire.  The Vendor Questionnaire is being issued with the intent of collecting information, comments, suggestions, recommendations, best practices/lessons learned, cost considerations, and creative ideas for approaches to the State's Medicaid claims processing function and related Medicaid administrative services.  The State does not currently anticipate purchasing a Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS).  Instead, it would like to purchase services (not systems) for Medicaid functions typically managed through an MMIS.  Responses will help inform the future procurement effort including related RFP(s).

DHCF will accept written questions related to the Vendor Questionnaire based on the stated schedule and using the process outlined in the Vendor Questionnaire.

In advance, we appreciate your response to the Vendor Questionnaire.

If you are not the best point of contact, please forward this notification to the appropriate person(s).

Thank you,

Kathy Olbekson

MMIS Special Projects Contract Manager

WY MMIS Project Team



Click here for information on Wyoming's Home and Community Based Services Waiver Transition Plan 


Division of Healthcare Financing Units 


Medicaid -  Medicaid helps pay for certain health care services, and is available to qualifying families, children, individuals who are aged, blind or disabled, and qualified or non-qualified aliens.


Kid Care CHIP

Kid Care CHIP - Kid Care CHIP is a Wyoming program that helps families provide health insurance for their children.  Health Insurance is an important part of making sure that kids grow healthy. Together we can make sure your kids get the health insurance they need.

Kid Care CHIP offers health insurance coverage for Wyoming's children and teens through age 18 that are uninsured and meet income and eligibility guidelines.


Office of Pharmacy Services

Office of Pharmacy Services - Most prescription and some over-the-counter drugs are covered.  A prescription is required for all drugs.  A co-payment may be required for clients age 21 and older.  Please look through our website for details on other programs available through the Office of Pharmacy Services.