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Children’s Mental Health Waiver

The Children’s Mental Health Waiver offers an option for children who have experienced a serious emotional disturbance to remain in their community and receive specialized services. 

  A child must be: 
  • A U.S. Citizen or a lawful permanet resident who has lived in the U.S. for at least five years
  • A Wyoming resident
  • Age 4 through 20
  • Clinically eligible based on requirements set by the Behavioral Health Division
  • Income eligible 
    • Gross monthly income limit is $2,199
      • Individuals with income above $2,199 may qualify by establishing an Income Trust
      • Only the child's income is considered for this program, not the parent(s) 
  • Resource eligible - limits is: 
    • Individual $2,000
      • Medicaid does not count as resources the home you live in (if the value is under $552,000), one vehicle or personal property (e.g., clothing, furnishings)
      • Only the child's resources are considered for this program, not the parent(s)

What does the Children’s Mental Health program cost?

There are no co-payments or premium costs for Medicaid's Children's Mental Health Waiver program.


How do I apply?

Visit the Children's Waiver Section of the Behavioral Health Division website at:

Verification of U.S. Citizenship and identity

  • Provide a Social Security Number or verification that you have applied for one
  • Documentation of medical necessity 
  • Documents to verify income and resources