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Pregnant By Choice 

The Pregnant By Choice program is for women who were on a Pregnant Women program and are within their 60 day postpartum period. The Pregnant By Choice program provides family planning services to women who have received Medicaid benefits through the Pregnant Women program and are at or below 159% of the FPL. This program provides family planning services to women who would typically lose their Medicaid benefits two months after giving birth. 

You must be: 

  • A woman who is participating in the Pregnant Women program and is in the 60 day postpartum period
  • Age 19 through 44
  • Able to become pregnant
    • Cannot be pregnant
  • Uninsured
  • Willing to complete a separate form requesting this program 
  • Income eligible, at or below 159% of the FPL 

What does the Pregnant By Choice program cost?

There are no co-payments or premium costs for Medicaid’s Pregnant By Choice programs.  


How do I apply?

Return the Pregnant By Choice Request for Information Form along with the renewal form or the Medicaid Application within the 60 day postpartum period to indicate you would like to participate. Please contact the Customer Service Center with any questions.


What do I need to apply? 

  • All documentation for this program was gathered during the eligibility determination for the Pregnant Women program