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Wyoming Medication Donation Program



 What We Do

  • The Wyoming Medication Donation Program (WMDP) is a comprehensive drug donation, redispensing and disposal program providing an environmentally safe and secure method for the public and healthcare organizations to donate unused medications so they may be used to help Wyoming residents who cannot afford their medications.

Why is it Important?

• We can provide immediate prescription help and advice on lower-cost alternatives.  We DO NOT provide assistance for narcotics.  Our program is intended for short-term assistance.  We recommend enrolling in Prescription Assistance Programs for long-term help.
• Since beginning in 2007, the program has helped Wyoming residents fill OVER 44,000 prescriptions (worth approximately $3.5 million) they could not have afforded otherwise.

• Since 2009, more than 4,600 pounds of unusable medications have been safely incinerated, keeping them out of the Wyoming water stream.
• Since July 2008, the program has processed over 26,000 pounds of donated medications and medical supplies.
• In 2010, the Nebraska Regional Poison Center received 9,197 calls from Wyoming residents regarding potential poisonings; 55.33 percent (5,088 calls) were due to pharmaceutical substances. 
• Donating your unused mediations helps reduce the risk of poisonings in your home, keeping the ones you love safe. 

Program Information and Links


  • In 2005 the Drug Donation Program Act was passed by the Wyoming Legislature allowing unused medications to be donated to participating donation sites to be dispensed to Wyoming residents who cannot afford their medications. The Division of Healthcare Financing, Pharmacy Services coordinates this program.
  • Click here to view the Drug Donation Program Act W.S. § 35-7-1601 et. seq. and the Wyoming Administrative Procedures Act W.S. § 16-3-101 et.seq.
  • Acceptable unused medications may be redispensed to eligible Wyoming residents with a valid prescription for the medication. Participants can access the medications by contacting their local dispensing site or the WMDP directly.
  • Non-acceptable medications are donated to missions if possible or safely disposed via incineration.  

Don’t let unused medicine go to waste!