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Wyoming Medication Donation Program

Patient Toolkit

Wyoming residents with limited resources to purchase medications may be eligible to receive donated medications from the Wyoming Medication Donation Program (WMDP) and participating Dispensing Sites.  The medication donation program is intended for short-term assistance.  Our donations fluctuate and medications may not always be available or be available in a desired quantity. We recommend that patients research other alternatives, such as enrolling in Wyoming Equality Care or the Wyoming Prescription Drug Assistance Program in order to receive consistent long-term assistance.  


Patient Eligibility

In order to receive assistance from the WMDP, patients must meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements…

• Wyoming Resident

• Limited resources to purchase prescription medications, as determined by the Dispensing site.  Generally, site eligibility requirements are:

    • Low-Income (generally 200% Federal Poverty Level or below).
      Click here for the current poverty guidelines
      No Prescription Insurance
    • Contact the your local Dispensing site for details

• A current prescribing physician/practitioner prescription is required

• Each recipient must sign a release form stating they understand the immunity provisions of the program and acknowledging that medication was originally dispensed to another patient and has been donated to the Medication Donation Program for re-dispensing.


 Click here to download

1.  Application Process

2.  Eligibility Form 

3.  Notice of Privacy Practices

4.  Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices (print & sign)  


Return Forms to the Wyoming Medication Donation Program along with:

  1. Proof of residency
  2. Proof of Household Income 


What Medications Are Available?

• Prescription Medications

• Limited Over-The-Counter Medications

• Limited Medical Supplies


What is NOT Available?

• Narcotics and other controlled substance (e.g. medications for pain, sleep, anxiety, ADHD)

• Refrigerated medications


Cost of Using the Program

Dispensing sites may charge up to $10 per prescription to cover dispensing fees.  Contact your local Dispensing site for details.


Get Started Now!

Contact your local dispensing site to see if you are eligible and start receiving help with your prescriptions...


         Casper Community Care Inc.:  (Ph) 307-232-6097

         Health Care for the Homeless:  (Ph) 307-235-6116

         University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency Program: (Ph) 307-234-6161


         Cedar Mountain Center: (Ph) 307-578-2529


Downtown Clinic:  (Ph) 307-745-8445

Laramie County: 

Laramie County Centralized Pharmacy:  (Ph) 307-637-700


         Jackson Area Consortium:  (Ph) 307-739-7434

Rock Springs:

         Donaldson Medical Clinic: (Ph) 307-362-0707 (opening May 2012) 


        Free Clinic of Sheridan County:  (Ph) 307-674-6995

Wyoming:  (available to all residents of Wyoming via mail)  

Wyoming Medication Donation Program
(Ph) 307-635-1297
(Toll free) 855-257-5041


Long-Term Prescription Assistance Resources

Link to Prescriptions Assistance Programs through
Link toWyoming Equality Care (Medicaid)
Link to Wyoming Prescription Drug Assistance Program (PDAP)


Don’t let unused medicine go to waste!