American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)


Prevention and Wellness Fund

A, Title VIII, Prevention and Wellness Fund

The ARRA creates two separate funds for public health support.  The Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund consists of $50 million for improvements to HHS information technology security.  The Prevention and Wellness Fund consists of $1 billion for three specific tasks:  (1) $650 million for evidence-based clinical and community-based prevention and wellness strategies that deliver specific, measurable health outcomes that address chronic disease rates; (2) $300 million for CDC immunization program.  Of the $300 million, there will be a total of $198 million provided to the 64 immunizaiton projects in a non-competitive manner.  Of this amount, Wyoming will receive $409,026.  CDC has made a commitment that at least 75% of the non-competitive funds must be used for vaccines; and (3) $50 million to states to implement healthcare-associated infections reduction strategies.

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