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Wyoming Department of Health Compliance Office

The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) has a duty to protect client health information and takes this duty very seriously. The WDH Compliance Office is entrusted with monitoring the WDH’s compliance with privacy and security requirements mandated by state and federal laws. Functions regularly provided include:

  • Providing leadership and direction regarding WDH privacy and security
  • Developing and administering WDH’s privacy and security policies
  • Receiving and addressing complaints from clients and staff regarding WDH privacy violations
  • Receiving and coordinating the processing of public records requests
  • Auditing to ensure appropriate safeguards are implemented to protect client health information

For help or to file a complaint, please contact:

Wyoming Department of Health
WDH Compliance Office
401 Hathaway Building
Cheyenne, WY 82002
(307) 777-8664 or (307)777-2438
(307)777-7439 fax


Notice of Privacy Practices

This important notice advises WDH clients of how WDH uses their health information and their rights regarding their health information.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Notice of Privacy Practices - Spanish language version

WDH Privacy Forms

Public Record Request Fee Schedule

F-005; Access to Records

F-005a; Access to Immunization Records

F-009; Amendment Request

F-011; Use or Disclosure Authorization

F-012; Use or Disclosure Restriction

F-014; Accounting of Disclosures Request

WDH Privacy Policies

AS-001; Data Services Required by Law
AS-002; Client Privacy Rights
AS-003; Uses and Disclosures of PHI
AS-004; Minimum Necessary Information
AS-005; Administrative, Technical, and Physical Safeguards
AS-006; Uses and Disclosures for Research Purposes
AS-007; De-Identification and Re-Identification of Protected Health Information; Limited Data and Sets and Data Use Agreements
AS-008 and S-001b; Enforcement, Sanctions, and Penalties
AS-009 and S-006a; Report and Response
AS-010; E-mail, Facsimile, and Printer/Copier/Scanner Machines
AS-012; Designated Record Sets
AS-013; Acceptable Use of Information Systems
AS-014; Disclosures for Legal and Related Purposes
AS-015; Public Records Requests
AS-020; BAA's and Other Arrangements
AS-021; Breach Notification
S-001; Security Management Process and Evaluation
S-001a; Risk Analysis and Management
S-001c; Information Systems Activity Review and Audit Controls
S-002; Assigned Privacy and Security Responsibility
S-003; Workforce Security
S-003b; Workforce Clearance
S-003c; Employee Separation
S-005; Security Awareness and Training
S-005b; Protection from Malicious Software
S-005d; Password Use and Management
S-007; Contingency Planning
S-010; Physical Security
S-011; Facility Access Controls
S-012; Workstation Use and Security
S-014; Electronic Device and Media Controls
S-015; Information Access Control
S-017; Integrity
S-018; Person or Entity Authentication
S-019; Electronic Transmission Security
S-020; Documentation and Retention
S-021; Personal Use of Social Media
S-022; Mobile Devices
S-024; PTA and PIA

More Information on Federal Privacy Rule