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Please Click Here to view a listing of the National Court Supervised Treatment Programs


Albany County Court Supervised Treatment Program

Tina Mansfield-Coordinator

501 E. Ivinson

Laramie, WY 82070


Judge: Robert Southard

Substitute Judge: Tori Kricken


Big Horn Basin Family Treatment Court

Michelle E. Prather-Program Manager

PO Box 769

Basin, WY 82410


FedEx only: 420 West C Street, 3rd Floor, Basin, WY 82410

Judge: Thomas W. Harrington (Circuit)

Substitute Judge: Randy L. Royal (Greybull)

Substitute Judge: Kristen Schlattmann (Magistrate)


Campbell County Adult Treatment Courts

Denise Fuller-Coordinator

500 South Gillette Ave, Suite 2500

Gillette, WY 82716

Main 307-687-6470

Denise: 307-687-6471

Chad: 307-687-6472

Bethany Hulings

Chad Beeman             

Ivy McGowan

Judge: Paul Phillips

Substitute Judge: Frank Stevens


Campbell County Juvenile & Family Drug Court/Youth Intervention Track

Susan Cahill-Coordinator/Director of Juvenile Probation

500 S. Gillette Ave., Ste B600

Gillette, WY 82716

307-682-0746 – Front Desk

Arlene Yost

Ivy McGowan

Judge: Thomas W. Rumpke

Substitute Judge: Lisa K. Finkey

Substitute Judge: William Edwards

Substitute Judge: Dan Price II



Court Assisted Supervised Treatment Program of Fremont County

Susan Shipley-Coordinator *can still send both adult and juvenile to Susan

450 North 2nd Street Rm. 150

Lander, WY 82520

307-332-1108   Invoices Only

Judge: Robert B. Denhardt (ADULT Program)


Juvenile Treatment Court of Fremont County

Melinda Cox-Coordinator

450 North 2nd Street Rm. 100

Lander, WY 82520


Magistrate: Teresa M. McKee

Substitute: Aaron Vincent


Johnson County Court Supervised Alternative Treatment Program

Bobbi Jo Mespelt

760 West Fetterman

Buffalo, WY 82834

307-684-9076 Scott Duncan (keep in the loop as back-up to Bobbi Jo)

Judge: Paul Jarvis


Laramie County Drug Court

AND Laramie County DUI Court

Kurt Zunker-Coordinator

309 W. 20th Street

Cheyenne, WY 82001


Judge: Denise Nau (DRUG)

Magistrate: Mark Hardee (DUI)


Lincoln County Adult Probation Program

Sheriff Shane Johnson-Coordinator

Todd Meyer *Primary point of contact

421 Jefferson #301

Afton, WY 83110



Judge: Frank Zebre

Substitute Judge: Michael Greer


Natrona County Court Supervised Treatment Program

Please contact Wendy Crowe, Program Assistant,

Second contact: Eric Fernelius, Clinical Supervisor,

500 South Wolcott, STE 100

Casper, WY 82601

307-235-2000 Main Number

Judge: Brian D. Christensen


Park County Court Supervised Treatment Program

Shannon Votaw-Coordinator

PO Box 906

Cody, WY 82414


FedEx only: 1044 Beck Avenue, Cody, WY 82414

Judge: C. Edward Webster, II

Substitute Judge: Steven Cranfill


Sheridan County Adult Drug Court

AND Sheridan County Juvenile Drug Court

Neal Madson-Coordinator

41 West Whitney St

Sheridan, WY 82801


Judge: Magistrate Hayden Heaphy (Adult)

Substitute Judge: Shelley Cundiff (Adult)

Judge: Shelley Cundiff (Juvenile)

Substitute Judge: Magistrate Hayden Heaphy (Juvenile)


Treatment Court Foundation of Sweetwater County

Sandra (Sandi) Henderson-Coordinator

PO Box 190

Green River, WY 82935


(Fax 307-872-3971)

FedEx only: 80 West Flaming Gorge Way, Suite 206, Green River, WY 82935

Judge: John R. Prokos

Substitute Judge: G. Scott Nelson/Marc Dedenbach/Sue Kearns


Teton County Court Supervised Treatment Program

Anpeytu Raben-Coordinator

PO Box 2906

Jackson, WY 83001


FedEx only: 185 S. Willow, 2nd Floor, Jackson, WY 83001

Judge: Timothy C. Day

Substitute: Magistrate Melissa Owens


Shoshone & Arapaho Adult Tribal Substance Abuse Court

AND Shoshone & Arapaho Juvenile Tribal Substance Abuse Court

Rikki Harris-Coordinator-temporary absence

Program Contact: Faith Washakie,

PO Box 1561

Fort Washakie, WY 82514


FedEx only: 215 Ethete Road, Fort Washakie, WY 82514

Judge: Roma Jimerson

Substitute Judge: John St. Clair


Uinta County Court Supervised Treatment Program

Dave Evins-Coordinator

Aaron Hutchinson (Program Officer)

Lora Periman

77 County Road 109

Evanston, WY 82930


Judge: Michael L. Greer

Substitute Judge: Frank Zebre


Sublette County Treatment Court   (not funded by state government, but utilizes WyCST)

Kathy Anderson-Coordinator

PO Box 2176

Pinedale, WY  82941

(307) 367-5103       

Judge: Curt Haws

Magistrate: Neal Stelting


Wyoming Department of Health Contacts:

CST Program Manager:  307-777-6885

CST Project Assistant: Misty Cowles,, 307-777-6493

CST Programs are in the Community Systems Unit, Behavioral Health Division:

Carol Day, Unit Manager,, 307-777-7110


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