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What is a Court Supervised Treatment Program (Drug Court)?


Court Supervised Treatment Program (CST Program) assists participants in breaking the cycle of substance abuse and the crimes committed as a result thereof. They provide sentencing alternatives for the judicial system in cases stemming from substance abuse.  Participants are normally non-violent adult or juvenile offenders and must either 

a.        Enter an admission, or a guilty or nolo contrendre plea

b.        Enter a guilty plea pursuant to W.S. §7-13-301

c.        Sign a consent decree under Title 14 of the Wyoming statutes

d.        Be on parole under the provisions of W.S. §7-13-401 et seq  

  • CST Programs focus on treating the addictive behavior rather than incarceration the individual because of an addiction.
  • District, juvenile, circuit, municipal or tribal court judges or magistrates may refer substance offenders to the program and an individual’s participation in the program is voluntary. 
  • CST Programs offer wrap around services which allow the judiciary, prosecution, defense, probation, law enforcement, treatment, mental health, social services, and child protection services to intervene and break the cycle of substance abuse, addiction, and crime.
  • Coordinated efforts of CST Program personnel and volunteers help effectuate changes not only with the individuals, but the community as a whole.
  • CST Programs provide supervision and treatment programs for drug-using offenders. The programs include frequent drug testing, judicial and probation supervision, individual, group and family counseling, drug abuse treatment, educational opportunities, employment requirements, and the use of sanctions and incentives. The judge has more involvement in supervising CST Program  offenders than just placing an individual in a probationary or diversionary program for drug treatment.
  • The philosophy of the CST Program is that by using appropriate adaptive mechanisms, building coalitions around the resources of family, friends, community and treatment, and structuring a suitable recovery environment, most people will be capable of living free from abuse of or dependency on alcohol or other drugs. Utilization of group, individual and family therapy, drug testing, court appearances and case management in a structured and disciplined environment are all strategies of the program.