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 Wyoming System of Care Plan

The Behavioral Health Division and the Wyoming Association of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers (WAMHSAC) developed a plan to transform our public mental health and substance abuse systems of care. The ultimate goal of our treatment system is to make recovery from mental illness and substance abuse the expected outcome of treatment, as close to home as possible. It is imperative that people, have access to effective treatment and supports, i.e., basic requirements for working, living, learning, and participating in our communities. 

Through this initiative, the state of Wyoming has been divided into five comprehensive care regions in which the client is the "hub" or centerpiece of system services. Depending upon client needs, he or she will have equal access throughout the state to a continuum of services, some provided locally, some provided regionally and others provided on a statewide basis. Care is client driven and includes client participation in the development of an individualized treatment plan, consumer. 

Below is a map which outlines the five Comprehensive Care Regions within the state of Wyoming: