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Level II PASRR Information

The information in this portion of the website may be of use to certified mental health center staff and others interested in the determination process of whether there is a diagnosis of mental illness or mental retardation, appropriate care, related laws, requirements, and forms.


Preadmission Screening and Resident Reviews (PASRRs) are federally mandated screenings directed by the Medicaid Title XIX Program. The Behavioral Health Division (BHD) has final authority for mental illness determinations (MI) and for mental retardation (MR) determinations.


The purpose is to assure appropriateness of placement and care for any person with MI or MR determinations or any person thought to have MI or MR or who has had a change in their mental status AND who is either already in a nursing facility or who is applying for admission to a nursing facility.


There are multiple levels involved with PASRR screening. PASRR Level I is performed on all clients entering into a Medicaid certified nursing facility. Visit this site for more information and the forms: 

Level II evaluations are screenings for nursing facility applicants and residents who are thought to have serious MI and/or MR to accurately assess whether an individual needs specialized services and/or nursing facility level of care. 


Clients who are screened for PASRR II are often in urgent need of structured care. Completion of PASRR screenings, evaluations, determinations and related paperwork, are all time sensitive; please submit all the required documentation listed above on the first submission to avoid delays in determinations.  After screening packet is complete and received by APS a MH Clinician performs a final evaluation. After this evaluation is completed, a qualified clinical staff person at the Division gives final authority and final determination notifications are sent. Simultaneously, the Xerox Quality Care MH Clinicians establish appropriate placement for the resident based on level of care needed.


Billing and payments for evaluations are accomplished directly between the Medicaid contractor and each provider of service.  The Division is prohibited from actually billing on behalf of any contractor.

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