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Children's Mental Health Waiver Service Providers

NOTICE:  The information currently listed in this section is limited as we are in the process of integrating all providers (Children's Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities) into certification and oversight by the Provider Support Specialist Unit - more details will be forthcoming as we build this out.



  • CMHW is in need of people interested in becoming service providers across the State of Wyoming. Having providers available to serve the children/youth and families is key to the success of this program.
  • Waiver service providers are persons or agencies (public or private) who not only meet the qualifications and certification requirements of the Waiver program, but who also posess certain qualities. 
  • Waiver service providers should be strong communicators who are respectful, trustworty, and capable of managing many tasks in an organized manner. 
  • After being approved, waiver service providers are then chosen by the child/family and are authorized to provide specific non-clinical services as outlined in the plan of care. 

General Information


WHO is a Waiver Service Provider?

Review complete and specific provider qualifications. 

For specifics on each type of waiver providers: 

WHAT are Some Waiver Provider Basics?

Review the process of how a provider gets paid.


HOW can I Become a Waiver Provider? 

Review the information for more details.

To become a waiver services provider, applicants must do the following:
  • Successfully pass criminal history and background investigations
  • Successfully pass an abuse registry screening
  • Complete the required Division training
  • Complete and mail the service provider application the Division

After becoming a certified provider you will be required to do the following:

  • Must enroll (or already be enrolled) as a Medicaid provider
  • Must obtain continuing education hours as outlined for your service provider type (annually)
  • Must have secure access to a computer with a current and working email address 

Provider Forms and Manual

  1. Children's Waiver Provider Manual
  2. FCC 12 You Are So Important – Children   PDF                                                         
  3. FCC 13 You Are So Important – Pre-teen    PDF                                                      
  4. FCC 14 You Are So Important – Young Adult  PDF                                                 
  5. FCC 15 You Are So Important -- Document of Training  PDF 
  6. Letter to prescribing clinician                                                                                 
  7. Provider transition checklist                                                                                   
  8. Questions for parents to ask about psychiatric medications                                   
  9. Waiver service plan team meeting agenda    
  10. WP 3 Level of Care Criteria - annual requirements  - revised 6-2013                           
  11. WP 4 Exceptional Service Plan Request                                                
  12. WP 9 Freedom of Choice Statement                                                                      
  13. WP 10 Choice of Provider