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All Counseling & Testing Training participants will be required to complete one of the following on-line STD courses as well as the HIV curriculum and receive a certificate of completion before attending the counseling & testing trainings.

Each STD Curriculum includes seven interactive web-based modules, each based on specific STD topics such as common STDs, transmission, consequences, epidemiological data, the connection between HIV and other STDs, specific populations at higher risk, STD prevention and how to apply these facts to interactions with clients and their partners to encourage more protective behaviours and healthier decision making. If you plan to attend one of the Spring Counseling & Testing trainings, please follow one of these links (as specified) and complete the modules as indicated.



FOR NON-CLINICIANS (health educators, counselors, teachers, other providers working in STD prevention and education):


Follow link and complete the HIV Today: What Everyone Needs to Know course:



To download the Clearview Complete Rapit Testing protocol:




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COMMUNICABLE DISEASE 101 (STDs, HIV, and VIRAL HEPATITIS) : An educational presentation in PDF format.


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