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Patient Reporting Investigation Surveillance Manager (PRISM)

PRISM is the communicable disease data and case management system for the State of Wyoming, Department of Health, Public Health Division, Public Health Sciences Section, Communicable Disease Unit. This system is used for the statewide reporting and case management of STDs, Viral Hepatitis (HBC, HCV) case follow-up, and surveillance of HIV rapid testing performed in healthcare clinics.  The system also allows providers and clinical staff to input their disease reports and patient information directly into a secure data system, cutting down on paperwork and reporting time, as well as providing a technologically advanced private and confidential venue to report required surveillance data.

The system is a valuable resource for clinics, providing a means for integrated comprehensive and thorough patient and partner care based on prior episodic information.

For more information on the PRISM data system (including training, authorization and use), or for PRISM technical support or administrative assistance please contact the PRISM Administrator (307)777-7953.


Electronic Disease Report Form (ECDR) ~ (Hepatitis B and C, Reportable STDs)

Need to report a case? The ECDR can be found here!

Please contact the state Health Department prior to reporting via the ECDR for PIN number and additional instructions (307-777-7953).



REPORTABLE DISEASE INFORMATION (reporting via hard-copy)

Reportable Disease List                                                                         STD/Hepatitis B, C Reporting Form