Infectious Disease Epidemiology Contacts


Tracy Murphy, M.D., State Epidemiologist and Public Health Sciences Section Chief

Phone  (307) 777-7716

E-mail  Tracy Murphy 


Clayton Van Houten, M.S., Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit Manager

Phone (307) 777-5596

E-mail  Clay Van Houten 


Vaccine-Preventable Diseases:

Reginald McClinton, M.P.H., Surveillance Epidemiologist

Phone (307) 777-8640

E-mail  Reginald McClinton 


Food and Waterborne Diseases:

Tiffany Lupcho, M.P.H., Surveillance Epidemiologist

Phone (307) 777-7007

E-mail Tiffany Lupcho 


Zoonotic and Vectorborne Diseases:

Emily Thorp, M.S., Surveillance Epidemiologist

Phone (307) 777-8634

E-mail  Emily Thorp