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4th Annual Wyoming Workforce Wellness Summit Presentations

"Down the Trail"


October 13th & 14th, 2011 

Little America Hotel and Conference Center

Cheyenne, Wyoming




Dee Edington

Featuring:  Dee Edington, PhD, Director of the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center  

Author of Zero Trends:  Health as a Serious Economic Strategy


Director of the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center, D.W. Edington is also a Professor in the Division of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan and a research scientist in the School of Public Health. Trained in mathematics, kinesiology and biochemistry, Dr. Edington received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Michigan State University and completed his M.S. at Florida State University. He taught at the University of Massachusetts before coming to Michigan in 1976. Dr. Edington is the author or co-author of over 500 articles, presentations, and several books, including Biology of Physical Activity, Biological Awareness, Frontiers of Exercise Biology, The One Minute Manager Gets Fit and the 2nd edition, The One Minute Manager Balances Work and Life. Dr. Edington’s teaching and research focus on the relationship between healthy lifestyles, vitality and quality of life, as they benefit both individuals and organizations. He is specifically interested in how individual health promotion, worksite wellness activities and programs within organizations impact health care cost containment, productivity and human resource development. In essence, the HMRC studies the precursors to disease and vitality. Dr. Edington enjoys the constantly emerging challenges at the HMRC. He describes the Center as dynamic, innovative and a world-class leader in driving towards information-driven decision making in the evolving new health care environment.

Presentation:  Zero Trends:  Health as a Serious Economic Strategy 



Featuring:  Brian D. Harrison, MD, Fellow, American College of Occupational and Environmental Health

Dr. Harrison: Tobacco Control Consultant to Industry

Dr. Brian D. Harrison has provided Occupational Medicine in the Fox Valley region of Northeast Wisconsin for 18 years. Through that time, and for ten years before that while in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, Dr. Harrison helped hundreds of patients overcome tobacco addiction and its health effects. His position as Director of Health and Productivity Management at Affinity Health System now enables him to do this is uniquely effective ways. It allows him to not only assist patients in his clinic practice, but to also help entire work organizations overcome their burden of tobacco.

He provides medical direction to “Call It Quits Plus”, the worksite arm of Affinity Health System’s national-award* winning tobacco cessation program. He directs a team of nurses and Wellness Specialists who provide tobacco cessation coaching at work, in groups, with medications. These may include high-dose nicotine replacement, bupropion, and Chantix. Outcome measurement from this program has shown high quit rates and improved employee productivity.

Dr. Harrison now provides an additional program that changes the culture of tobacco in a work organization. Tobacco Free Workplace Solutions (TFWS) has a completely unique approach that transforms workplaces to become tobacco free. This three month multimedia presence at the worksite engages everyone, not only the tobacco users. Its factual approach helps all adults understand that children need their help and awareness to avoid become future victims of tobacco. And it promotes acceptance of smoke free workplace policies by teaching that “Tobacco-Free helps you and me.”   It assists former users who have already successfully quit, by preventing relapse. And, it recognizes their accomplishment as “Tobacco Free Heroes” who can be mentors and role models for others. Best of all, it does this without infringing on the rights and dignity of those who continue to use tobacco. TFWS is designed with the workplace in mind and doesn't require ongoing meetings or time away from work. 

Dr. Harrison can be reached at:

Brian D. Harrison MD, FACOEM

Director of Health and Productivity Management

Affinity Occupational Health

1186 Appleton Road

Presentation:  What Employers Can Do Wyoming


Problem Solving 101 Presentations

Kirk D. Keller MS CWPM:  Kirk is a health Strategist at TwoMedicine Health and Financial Fitness, Inc., who is contracted to the Wyoming Department of Health to provide workforce wellness program guidance and support.  Kirk, along with Kate Schulz (who is also contracted with the Wyoming Department of Health) conducts the "Workforce Wellness: A Concrete Approach" workshops regionally throughout Wyoming.  Kirk also guides employers through the 1:1 consultation process that helps employers build new, or enhance existing workforce wellness programs into "up to date" sustainable wellness programs

Presentation:  Problem Soving 101 Agenda

Presentation:  Wyoming Workforce Wellness Project 2011 Update 


A.J. Tomer:  A.J. is the CPE Health and wellness facilitator at Cloud Peak Energy near Gillette, Wyoming.

Presentation:  Cloud Peak 2011


Lynn Crosby:  Lynn is Human Resources Director at Eagle Materials, Inc., who owns and operates Mountain Cement Company in Laramie, Wyoming

Liz Howell:  Liz is the Wellness Coordinator for Mountain Cement Company in Laramie, Wyoming

Presentation:  Mountain Cement 2011


Tami Keehn:  Tami is the Insurance/Wellness Coordinator for Park County in Cody, Wyoming

Presentation:  Park County 2011


Emily Kritzler:  Emily is the wellness Coordinator for St. Johns Medical Center in Jackson, Wyoming

Presentation:  SJMC Jackson 2011


Sarah Smith:  Sarah is an Education Specialist at Carbon County Higher Education Center in Rawlins, Wyoming

Presentation:  CCHEC Wellness Presentation


Wyoming Survey Analysis Center (WYSAC) Report 

Mike Dorssom, MS:  Michael Dorssom, who holds a Master's degree in Sociology, has been a Research Scientist at WYSAC since 2006 and has served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator for many survey projects.  Mike is the Principal Investigator on both iterations of the Wyoming Workforce Wellness project (2006 and 2011) during which time he was responsible for finalizing the questionnaire as well as the administrator of the data collection and preparing the data files and final reports. 

Presentation:  WYSAC:  Wyoming Workforce Wellness 



Wyoming Workforce Wellness Toolkit

Link:  2011 Wyoming Workforce Wellness Toolkit


Please keep your eyes open for announcements of the 5th Annual Wyoming Workforce Wellness Summit to be held in the Fall of 2012!

For More information regarding past workforce wellness summits, or where you can join one of the regional workshops in the fall and spring of 2011/2012 please contact Dave Ivester at or call 307-777-3732