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The mission of the Wyoming Public Health Preparedness Laboratory is to support public health, public safety, and emergency response by maintaining the capability to quickly respond to biological, chemical and radiological threats. In order to accomplish its mission, the Preparedness Laboratory provides specialized testing for high priority pathogens, facilitates testing for chemical and radiological hazards, and works to keep Wyoming clinical laboratories prepared through timely communications and laboratory related trainings.


The Public Health Preparedness Laboratory (PHPL) operates under the auspices of the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory (WPHL).  The PHPL is associated with the national Laboratory Response Network (LRN) and works with community laboratories to establish statewide laboratory response capability and capacity. 

Wyoming’s Laboratory Response Network

The PHPL is regulated by CLIA. The PHPL adheres to the Select Agent rule but is not regulated by the federal program. The PHPL operates under the guidance of the LRN and serves the state as a confirmatory laboratory for agents of bioterrorism (BT) that cause diseases in both animals and humans.  Many of these diseases can spread quite readily on their own, do not require any microbiological manipulation or weaponization to make them effective agents for terrorism, and can infect free ranging or zoo-confined wild animals, as well as man & domestic animals. 

Several potential bioterrorism agents are endemic in Wyoming’s wildlife, requiring differentiation between naturally occurring disease and an intentional release.  Rapid identification of a suspect bioterrorism agent is essential to provide valuable information in patient treatment, support criminal investigations, and to ensure safety measures are implemented to protect human & animal health and safety.

The PHPL is a member of the LRN which is overseen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Through this affiliation the PHPL ensures the most consistent, highest quality testing protocols for bioterrorism agents. Testing is available for use with human and environmental specimens for the citizens of the State of Wyoming.


Under the auspices of the PHPL, the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory Chemical Exposure Response Plan offers assistance to healthcare providers for treating victims of chemical exposures. The following link has information about these services.

Chemical Exposure Response Plan

Response Protocols for Clinical Laboratories


  Immediately report potential public health hazards to the

Wyoming Department of Health 24/7 Emergency Notification line: