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Delivery of supplies: Medical Logistics will bring supplies from the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory (WPHL) as requested.  Sites requesting supplies must make arrangements with the WPHL to obtain the proper shipping materials for the courier before utilizing this service. Supplies include: supply order forms and 6.2 UN hard plastic canisters for packaging of bacterial cultures and clinical specimens.  For additional supplies fill out a “Supply Order Form” and fax, mail, or send with the courier to the WPHL.


Before utilizing established pick-up site:

  1. Contact the laboratory/pick-up site in your area to obtain permission to drop off samples for the WPHL courier.  Please meet with the clinical laboratory listed in the table (see Courier Pick Up Sites), from your town.  Ask them where you can leave samples for the courier to pick up.  Ask them if they have any special requirements you need to consider.  Also, ask what the hours are that you can drop samples off (hours the lab is open) and typically when the courier comes each day (any samples brought to the lab after this time will sit in the lab until the pick up time the next day).  If you have samples that need to be refrigerated, you’ll need to find out from the lab where those samples can be placed for pick up.
  2. You as the SAMPLE SUBMITTER are responsible for insuring sample viability, tracking your samples, and picking up test results and supplies ordered from the pick up site. THE PICK UP SITE WILL NOT TRACK YOUR SAMPLES FOR YOUR FACILITY.

Packaging of Clinical Samples:

1.      Clinical samples and bacterial cultures must be ‘triple packaged’ with the complete package being able to withstand a drop test of at least 3.9 feet. 

2.      Place the labeled primary container (blood collection tube, serum transport tube, etc.) into a biohazard bag with absorbent material and cushioning material, close and place the test request form into the outside pouch. The biohazard bag is the secondary packaging.

3.      If sending a culture plate, tape the plate closed, place the labeled culture plate into a biohazard bag with absorbent material, close and place the test request form into the outside pouch.

4.      If using a tube media, place the tube into a bubble wrap pouch and then place this into the biohazard bag with absorbent material and place the test request form into the outside pouch.

5.      Place bagged samples into a WPHL canister and place in the appropriate storage location for the courier (refrigerator, counter, etc.) Reminder:  If you have a suspect select agent please call the WPHL before submission.

6.      Multiple samples can be put into one WPHL canister but ensure adequate padding or cushioning between tubes and don’t over pack.

7.      If refrigerated samples must be picked up by the courier place the laminated card (marked Action Cargo: WPHL samples in the Refrigerator) into the ambient sample storage location. This will alert Action Cargo that they must look in the refrigerator for the samples. If available, small cold packs can be put in the WPHL canister as well. (NOTE: Pick up site may have refrigerated samples to transport and the laminated card may already be in place.)

8.      If samples must be sent frozen you will need to package the samples in dry ice. If this is necessary please call the WPHL and we can help you with logistics.

9.      General recommendation: DON’T send samples that must be kept refrigerated or frozen on a Friday.  If refrigerated or frozen samples must be sent on a Friday please call the WPHL ahead of time so a plan can be made to ensure the sample temperature is maintained.



Proper labeling and paperwork is very important and will help ensure your specimens are processed and tested in a timely manner:

1.      Each sample must have a WPHL test request form, the form must be filled out completely

2.      Ensure the date of collection is put onto the test request form

3.      If you use an address stamp or label, remember to stamp or label each carbon page of the test request form

4.      Make sure your phone number is on the test request form


Packaging of Newborn Genetic Screen Blood Spot Cards

1.      Utilize the ‘Colorado Public Health and Environmental Laboratory’ Envelopes that are supplied with the Newborn Dried Blood Spot cards.

2.      Rubber band all cards together and place in the courier pick up location

3.      DO NOT put the cards into the 6.2 UN Canisters, keep the cards banded together but not in the canister that is labeled for WPHL.


Logging of daily samples:

1.      We recommend that you keep a simple log of the samples you leave for the courier each day. These logs should be kept until you get results from us.

2.      The courier will log the number of room temperature, refrigerated and frozen canisters they collect from your location but they will not log types or numbers of samples or patient names.


Emergency deliveries:

There is an option for emergency delivery.  It is very expensive and would need to be requested by the WPHL.  If you think you have a sample that requires immediate transport on holidays or weekends (especially suspect bioterrorism agents) please call 1-888-996-9104 to reach WY Department of Health 24/7 on call personnel, explain the situation to the on-call staff and ask them to contact WPHL staff to request emergency courier service.


No Courier Pick-up on State Holidays


Problems with the courier:

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any problems or concerns you have with the courier service.  If you ever need to contact Medical Logistics regarding changes to a pick up time or location call: 1-800-888-7874.


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