Suicide Prevention

The State of Wyoming Suicide Prevention Program provides an array of services in the prevention of suicidal behaviors across the lifespan. 



This organization has been actively involved in national suicide prevention efforts since 2003. Well Aware has developed Wyoming-specific news bulletins and webinars for the general public as well as professionals who create, influence, or implement policies that impact suicide prevention efforts.

Please visit the Well Aware website for Wyoming news bulletins and webinars:



Evidence-based programs are those programs that have been scientifically evaluated and shown to be (or proven) effective.  Click the following links for summaries of evidence-based suicide prevention programs for various population groups.



Promising practices are those programs and strategies that have some quantitative data indicating positive outcomes, but which do not have sufficient supporting research or replication to support generalized statements of outcomes.  Click the following links for summaries of promising practices.




Youth Suicide Prevention 

The Just Let It Out Campaign was created as a safe place for youth to learn about and discuss topics that they might be too embarrassed to talk about in many social circles.  Topics vary from family or school issues, relationships, alcohol and other drugs, and thoughts of suicide and depression. Youth are encouraged to "Let it Out" or to find someone to help.  Check out the site at