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Dead Bird Reports

NEW!! Reports of dead birds are no longer being solicited by the WDH.  Additionally the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory (WSVL) is no longer testing birds for WNV. So please do not submit dead birds from your area.  The WDH and the WSVL tested dead birds for WNV from 2002-2006.  Despite the number of birds that have been submitted for WNV testing since 2002 (1,432 birds in total), a small percentage (16%) have been found to be positive for WNV infection. The WDH has seen little correlation between avian WNV prevalence and human disease in Wyoming.  More specifically, each season we learn of human WNV infection PRIOR to having an indication of avian WNV transmission occurring in proximal areas. Therefore, the decision has been made to discontinue testing dead birds for WNV.

The Wyoming Public Health Laboratory continues to test human WNV specimens free of charge when submitted by a healthcare provider.  The WSVL continues to test horses for WNV infection.  

We appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation with regard to bird specimen submission and will now depend on you to help convey the message that we are no longer able to perform this service. 


Disposal of Dead Birds

If you find a dead bird on your property, please dispose of it in the following manner:

Obtain a plastic bag and place your hand inside the bag. Grab the bird with the hand that is inside the bag and reverse the bag until your hand is free and the bird carcass is in the bag. Double bag the carcass and dispose of it in your garbage can. It is not advisable to handle the dead bird with bare hands.