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Mosquito Control in Wyoming

Professional control of mosquitos in the state of Wyoming falls under the jurisdiction of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Weed and Pest Council.  This council is comprised of 23 weed and pest districts (one for each county).  For contact information for the weed and pest district office in your county, please go to Additionally, some large cities and towns employ their own mosquito control personnel so please contact your city offcials.

For data on WNV positive mosquito pools in Wyoming, please see the WNV Activity page. 

To report positive mosquito pools in your area, please fax in a completed West Nile Positive Mosquito Report Form to 307-777-5522. 

Emergency Insect Management Program

The 2003 Wyoming Legislature passed the Emergency Insect Management
Program Act (EIMPA) (W.S. 11-5-401 through 11-5-405) to provide funding to state agencies and political subdivisions such as cities, towns, counties, weed and pest districts and special districts. This funding is to help manage outbreaks of disease associated with insect pests/vectors, including West Nile Virus, for the protection of human and animal health, agriculture, and natural resources. Please visit the Department of Agriculture's website to download the most current EIMG application.