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For human sample submissions:


Attention: The Wyoming Public Health Laboratory now requires a fee for WNV testing.  Please visit for fee information.


SERUM: (Red top or Serum Separator tubes)

  • Acute Serum: Should be collected at least 8 days AFTER onset of symptoms
  • Convalescent Serum: Should be collected 14-21 days AFTER the acute sample


CSF: Should be collected PRIOR to 8 days after onset of illness


Sample Submission Guidelines:

Please send:

  • At least 2 mL serum
  • At least 1 mL CSF
  • WNV Test Requisition Form


Laboratory Requisition Form- click here


Packaging and Shipping
Specimens should be transported on cold pack by the public health laboratory courier system or overnight carrier and labeled as diagnostic specimens according to federal shipping regulations.  For details on shipping and packaging of human specimens download the Human Specimen Submission Protocol

Please send to:

Wyoming Department of Health

Public Health Laboratory

517 Hathaway Building

Cheyenne, WY 82002

(307) 777-7431

For information on packaging and shipping of diagnostic specimens see one of the following:

US Postal Services:

Department of Transportation:

International Air Transportation Association:


For horse sample submissions, contact the WY State Veterinary Lab at