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Who we are:

       Community Services Program (CSP) is working toward the goal of improving health, safety, and well-being of low-income residents and transients in Wyoming and moving them toward self-sufficiency:


The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG):

  • Federally funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) through the Administration of Children and Families, Office of Community Services
  • Budget of approximately $3.7 million annually
  • Created for the service of low-income residents and transients in all of the state's 23 counties and the Wind River Indian Reservation
  • Funding is administered at the county level and on the reservation by non-profit Tripartite Boards, made up of community volunteers who determine funding levels and who monitor and oversee various projects within their communities as conducted by local service providers

 Dynamic Graph of Demographics and Funding of CSBG:

   The following chart is interactive. Please use drop down menus to select different information.


 Low-Income Population: U.S. Census & Retrieval Service (12/2012)

 People Out of Work: Wyoming Dept. of Employment (3/2014)

 People on SNAP: Wyoming Dept. of Family Services (3/2014)

 People on Title XIX: Wyoming Dept. of Health (3/2014)

 People on Power/TANF (Personal Opportunities with Employment Responsibilities (State)): Wyoming Dept. of Family Services (3/2014)

 Apps rcvd for Asst.: Wyoming Dept. of Family Services (3/2014)

 People on S.S.I.: U.S. Social Security Administration (12/2012)

 CSBG State Plan:

 Draft FFY 2016 CSBG State Plan:

 Model State Plan