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Health Professional Shortage Areas


Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) are determined by calculating the population to provider ratio in a service area that can be as small as a census tract or as big as a multi-county region. If the population to provider ratio meets federal requirements, the area can be officially designated a HPSA.   A HPSA designation is important because it is used as a qualifier for over 30 federal programs. Some of these programs provide increased Medicaid and/or Medicare re-imbursement and others assist with provider recruitment.   Staff within the Wyoming Office of Rural Health are available to assist underserved communities obtain a HPSA designation if they meet federal requirements.


Programs that use HPSA designations - Some of these programs may no longer be active.


More Programs that use HPSA designations - This list is from the Negotiated Rule Making Committee's report dated 10-31-2011.


Maps (click on  the underlined headings below to view a map)


Primary Care HPSA  -  Updated October 2012

Dental HPSA   -  Updated October 2012

Mental Health HPSA  -  Updated October 2012

Fact Sheet on HPSAs - This is a four page fact sheet from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services


Shortage Designation Negotiated Rule Making Committee final report - Eighty-three page final report sent to the HHS Secretary for approval.  The final report was published 10-31-11.  The final report did not receive complete consensus so the HHS Secretary has full authority to approve none, some, all, or any process the HHS Secretary feels appropriate.  


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