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Wyoming Provider Recruitment Grant Program



Fall 2015 application period has closed.  Award determinations and notifications have been made.

Notice Regarding Program Changes:  House Bill 88/House Enrolled Act 60 modified the Program (W.S. 35-1-1101) during the 2015 General Session of the Wyoming Legislature. As a result, amended Program Rules and Regulations are being promulgated and Emergency Rules and Regulations implementing the changes to the Program will be adopted prior to the issuance of awards. Applicants selected for an award in Fall 2015 will be able to review the new Program requirements prior to accepting an award under the Wyoming Provider Recruitment Grant Program. Legislative changes and proposed amendments to the Program Rules and Regulations include:

(i) Expansion of the Program to include the recruitment of all healthcare provider types licensed under Title 33 of Wyoming statutes.

(ii) Elimination of the ability to apply for and include a Wyoming Healthcare Professional Loan Repayment Program (WHPLRP) award as part of the recruitment package (recruited providers may still apply competitively to WHPLRP).

(iii) Elimination of the requirement that the Program will attempt to issue at least one-half (1/2) of grants for the recruitment of providers whose practice is in connection with a for-profit business enterprise.

(iv) Modification of the reimbursement terms to allow for the reimbursement of recruitment costs of up to $10,000 when the recruiting entity is unable to recruit an eligible provider within one year. Reimbursement without a successful recruitment will be at the discretion of the Department.

(v) Changes allowing a non-compete clause to be included in the recruited provider’s employment agreement/recruitment offer as long as it does not extend past the actual date the employment/practice arrangement between the recruiting entity and the recruited provider ends regardless of the reason for termination of the agreement. 


Click HERE for the original Rules and Regulations for the Wyoming Physician Recruitment Grant Program.  To receive updates throughout the Rules promulgation process, please click the "E-mail Us" link above and request to be added to the Rules e-mail list.   



Program Purpose

The intent of the Wyoming Physician Recruitment Program is to enhance the ability of medically underserved Wyoming communities to recruit physicians to improve access to care for Wyoming’s citizens. Hospitals, clinics, physicians and other appropriate Wyoming agencies can apply for up to $80,000 in state funds to assist in physician recruitment. Awards are expected to be highly competitive due to the number of counties experiencing a shortage of physicians. The Wyoming Healthcare Commission’s January 2008 report identified 17 counties below the national average physician to population ratio of 2.81:1,000. Eight of these counties are less than 1:1,000 with the two counties of greatest need at about 25% of the national average physician to population ratio. 

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Program Administration

The program is administered by the Office of Rural Health, Rural and Frontier Health Section, Public Health Division, Wyoming Department of Health.  It is authorized and funded by the State of Wyoming.  Program requirements are established by W.S. 35-1-1101 (Statute).  The program Rules are promulgated through the Wyoming Department of Health (Rules).



Program Contact Information

Keri Wagner

Healthcare Workforce and Primary Care Office Manager

Office of Rural Health

6101 Yellowstone Road, Suite 420

Cheyenne, WY 82002

(307) 777-6512