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What you should do in the Event a Legal Name Change has occurred

  1. Obtain a certified copy of the court order which stipulates the name change.

  2. Draft and address a letter to Vital Records Services which provides an explanation of what you need our office to do.  Be sure to sign this letter.

  3. Send the certified copy of the court order, the letter, a photocopy of your ID (such as a driver's license) and a fee of $21.00 to our office.  The fee can be made via a personalized check (3rd party checks aren't accepted) or money order made payable to Vital Records Services.  The fee also includes one (1) certified copy of the record.

    Send to:     Vital Records Services
                     Hathaway Building
                     Cheyenne, WY 82002

  4. Vital Records Services will review the documentation submitted to ensure accuracy.  If there are no discrepancies we will move forward with the processing of the name change.  If we do find errors you will be contacted to address these errors prior to filing.

  5. Once the court order has been processed, we will not able to make any additional changes to the certificate without another court order.  It is very important the court order submitted is correct.

  6. If the event did not occur in Wyoming, we will not able to process your request.

I Need to Add the Father to the Birth Certificate

To establish paternity for the child the mother will need write to this office requesting an Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity, our office will need the signature and a legible photocopy of an ID (such as a driver's license) of the mother.  We will then review the letter and, when applicable, return a paternity affidavit to be completed by the mother and natural father.  The paternity affidavit must be signed in front of a notary public.  Additional rules or forms may apply depending on the circumstances.

If you have a court order which has established paternity, please contact 777-7593 for further information.

I Need to Make a Correction to My Child's Birth Certificate

  1. After a year, our office will require documentary evidence and additional fees will apply.  Submit a written and signed letter to our office explaining what corrections need to be made.  When submitting your letter be sure to submit a photocopy of your identification such as a driver's license.  Our office will review the letter and then provide you with additional steps and what documentary evidence can be used to make the correction. 

  2. If you are seeking to change the child's last name that correction can only be done through a court order submitted to our office or an affidavit acknowledging paternity (when applicable).

  3. It is highly recommended that the parent(s) submit a request for the newborn certificate to review for accuracy and address any errors as soon as possible. If the error is caught within the first year of the child's birth, in most cases, Vital Records Services can make the correction free of charge.  You may print an application for a newborn certificate here.

Other Corrections/Amendments

If you need to make corrections to death, marriage, or divorce certificates please submit a signed letter to our office, including a photo copy of your identification (such as a driver's license).  Our office will review the documentation submitted and will try to work with you to make the necessary corrections.  Additional fees and documentation will apply.

Please submit your correspondence to: 

Vital Records Services
Hathaway Building
Cheyenne, WY 82002