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Comfort One Update for 2016

New enrollees for Comfort One will be accepted until July 1, 2016, when Comfort One will be replaced with Wyoming Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (WyoPOLST).

The WyoPOLST program was created by the Wyoming Legislature to replace Comfort One. This new program provides a form signed by a medical provider and the patient (or his/her representative) which places a patient’s wishes into a medical order to be followed by healthcare providers throughout the state and across medical settings.

Wyoming residents are welcome to enroll in Comfort One until July 1, 2016. Please be assured that even though there will be no new enrollees for Comfort One after July 1, 2016, existing Comfort One bracelets will be honored indefinitely.

You can learn more about WyoPOLST at or by contacting the Wyoming Department of Health, Aging Division at 800-442-2766 or 

Comfort One

COMFORT ONE® is the name of a statewide program designed to allow a Wyoming citizen to refuse cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in Wyoming. The program is administered through the Wyoming Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services Programs. Historically, when ambulance personnel were dispatched, emergency responders were obligated to initiate full resuscitation, whether or not resuscitation was desired by the patient or their family. Furthermore, unless special arrangements were made, standard Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders for other advance directives were not generally honored in an emergency situation outside of the hospital. The program, originally implemented to alert emergency ambulance personnel that an individual was "DNR", Comfort One® is now recognized by itself or in conjunction with a properly executed Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions.

Wyoming legislation enacted in 1993 provides health professionals with the authority to withhold CPR when the proper documentation is on file with the Department of Health's Office of Emergency Medical Services Programs.

A special bracelet, which is a simple gold chain with the words "Comfort One®" etched onto a single green disc, is provided to applicants after the proper paperwork is completed and submitted to the office. Interested individuals must complete and sign an application form which also requires the signature of their physician, return the completed form to the Emergency Medical Services Programs office, along with $25.00, a fee which covers only the cost of the bracelet. Each bracelet is numbered and a specific number is assigned to each individual. Participants also receive a copy of the application which clearly states they are a Comfort One® participant.

The decision to participate in the Comfort One® program requires very careful thought and serious discussion with one's family, clergy and physician. It should be noted also that an individual can elect to have their Comfort One® status revoked at any time by providing written notice as soon as practical to the EMS, the attending physician, and to those who have actual notice of the CPR directive

Comfort One Application

To request a Comfort One application, please call the EMS Office toll free at 888 228-8996 (in Wyoming only) or 307-777-7955.  The application may be obtained on request by writing to:

Wyoming Office of Emergency Medical Services
Attn.  Comfort One
6101 Yellowstone Rd, Suite 400

Cheyenne, WY  82002

The Comfort one Application packet may be obtained be emailing Amanda Creathbaum, Comfort One Coordinator at

When emailing the request for a Comfort One packet, please provide: Name, mailing address, city and zip code.

The Comfort One application is not available for download due to needing signatures on a 5 part form.

The Comfort One Bracelet  

A bracelet with decorative value, easily recognized by Emergency Medical Services personnel.